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‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ SPOILERS For Week Of Feb. 4 – 8, Steffy And Hope Have A Shocking Cliffhanger Friday

Next week on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” on Monday, February 4 through Friday’s Cliffhanger on February 8, it’s nonstop drama as the baby dram builds to a fever pitch.  Brooke, Ridge and even Sally and Wyatt get wise and it leads to an explosive confrontation on Friday.  Can Taylor be saved from Reese’s scheme? Can Steffy and Hope survive the heartbreak coming their way?  Here’s what is coming up on the CBS daytime drama.


Monday, February 4                                                                       Episode 8021

Zoe is taken aback when Reese makes an announcement about their immediate future.

Sparks fly and emotion runs high when Hope holds Steffy’s adopted baby daughter for the first time.


Tuesday, February 5                                                                       Episode 8022

Suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the adoption, Ridge interrogates Taylor and Steffy.

Zoe comes face-to-face with Flo while searching for clues about her father’s recent departure.Thorsten Kaye 009

Wednesday, February 6                                                               Episode 8023

It’s a game of cat and mouse when Zoe pressures Flo with questions and Flo redirects each one.

Brooke pays a surprise visit to Steffy and questions Taylor’s connection to her baby’s birth mother.

 "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set

Thursday, February 7                                                                     Episode 8024

Liam finally breaks down and expresses his feelings of guilt to Hope regarding the loss of Beth.

Wyatt and Sally query Steffy after noting a resemblance between Kelly and the new baby.

                                           JACQUELINE MCINNES WOOD & SCOTT CLIFTON 11

Friday,  February 8                                                                          Episode 8025

Doubting Flo’s story, Zoe pays her another visit, this time with explosive results.

Unable to get the child off of her mind, Hope asks Liam to take her to Steffy’s to visit the baby.

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“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip TV Productions
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