‘The Walking Dead’ Showruner Shares Scary, Creepy Details On New Villain Alpha, She Is the Whisperers Leader

Fans are excited about the  The Walking Dead’s newest villain, Alpha. And a super gross look it was, as the leader of the Whisperers sewed together a zombie skin mask and then put it in on her face… as one does.whisperers-leader-alpha-the-walking-dead
But what lies underneath the mask? Samantha Morton will be playing the new big bad, and we got the intel from showrunner Angela Kang on what to expect from both the actress and the character when she finally steps on screen during The Walking Dead’s second half of season 9 (which returns Feb. 10 on AMC).
Well, the second half of season 9, we really dive deeper into the story of the Whisperers. At the end of the first half, obviously, we get this reveal that these zombies are not evolving, that they are some sort of strange human threat. We’ll get to know more about this group and their brutal survival of the fittest philosophy and how that really plays out in horrifying ways.
We will get to meet the amazing Samantha Morton as Alpha and Ryan Hurst as Beta, as our heroes are really grappling with how to deal with a threat that’s unlike anything they’ve ever faced with people with such a different philosophy. They’re also just trying to figure out how they need to interact with each other in this world as they face more and more problems and challenges related to both this new threat and some of the other obstacles that they face in this world. We’ll continue to see the effects that nature has on our people, as things start to break down and they deal with the problems that come up as a result of these things,” said Angela Kang.
What can you say about Samantha Morton in this role of Alpha?

“She’s fantastic. I’m so surprised by the things that she does, in a way where I’m like, “That’s so much better than what I imagined this woman could be.” She’s just such an interesting and deep actor. We’ve really loved having her. She’s so nice, too. Could not be a nicer person. The entire cast just loves her. The crew loves her. She’s been absolutely wonderful and such a good presence to have and very serious about what she does, in the best way. She deep-dives, man. She’s awesome.”

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Gene Page/AMC
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