Dish Network’s CEO Uses Threat Of His Customer’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Piracy In Battle With HBO Over Contract

Threats never work against a studio as powerful as HBO.  But that is what one CEO is trying to do.  Dish Network co-founder and chairman Charlie Ergen  says the satellite provider’s current carriage dispute with HBO shows no signs of letting up, and he predicts a blackout lasting through the mid-April return of Game of Thrones final season 8 would increase piracy.

The HBO situation “will be interesting because people will find another way to get it,” Ergen said. On that same theme at another point in the call, he said, “Every young person knows how to go onto the internet and get a code and get HBO. We hate to talk about piracy, but that will be the result.”


Dish president and CEO W. Erik Carlson said there has been “no meaningful movement” in talks with HBO about the impasse, the first in the network’s nearly five-decade history. He estimated that the blackout, which began in November, along with a separate ongoing struggle with Univision, accounted for about half of the 334,000 subscriber losses in the quarter. That gloomy stat punctuated an overall lackluster quarter, which has sent shares in Dish down sharply today.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   HBO
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