HBO Boss Has No Intentions Of Meeting With Jacksons, “Leaving Neverland’ Will Definitely Air

HBO will stand by Leaving Neverland, just as Sundance did. It’s a powerful and truthful documentary that fans should watch and decide for themselves. And HBO will not be bullied or conned by the Jacksons. Michael never even liked his family and they quietly complained about his sleeping in bed with little boys behind his back for years. So, for them to all of a sudden be so adamant is disingenuous.

 Given the Jackson estate’s comments that it’s “a tabloid character assassination,” HBO boss told THR that the premium cable network will not back down and that’s that.
‘Not at all. All I would ask is that anybody writing or thinking about it would watch it and reserve judgment until they see it. It’s a very powerful documentary.”

When asked if he’s prepared and the network for any backlash, he replied, “Yep. [We have] no plans to not air it.”


After the Sundance screening and the estate’s comments, was there a conversation with HBO CEO Richard Plepler or AT&T CEO John Stankey about sticking with the controversial doc?

“No. Let’s be clear: What controversy? There were two protesters at Sundance. Reserve judgment and watch it and decide for yourself,” HBO’s Casey Bloys said.

And if the protests grow louder?

“We’re standing by it. It’s very, very powerful.”

Will you meet with the Jackson Estate given their newly released 10-page letter and claims that it ignores journalistic ethics?

“No. The letter doesn’t change anything. The show is airing. It’s not changing because of the letter and I ask that everybody watch it and decide for themselves. It’s a very, very powerful documentary and I think once they see it, they’ll understand.”So, you have no interest in taking a meeting with the Jackson Estate?

“No. There are no plans to take a meeting. We are airing the documentary and the letter is not going to change that.”

Leaving Neverland airs on March 3 and 4 in a two-part documentary.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   HBO
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