Ann Coulter Slams ‘Shallow, Narcissistic Conman Trump’ In New Attack

Ann Coulter

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter on Monday called President Trump a “shallow, narcissistic conman,” reports the Palm Beach Post.


She made the comment while addressing those gathered for a luncheon at Florida’s Forum Club of the Palm Beaches.

Notably, she also slammed the media in her speech.

“Trump may be a shallow, narcissistic conman, but that doesn’t mean the media are not the enemy of the people,” Coulter reportedly said. “Both things can be true.”

While she was initially a big supporter of Trump, she has become increasingly critical of him and seems particularly troubled by the lack of wall along the US-Mexico border that was central to his campaign.

Trump has fired back.


“Wacky Nut Job @AnnCoulter, who still hasn’t figured out that, despite all odds and an entire Democrat Party of Far Left Radicals against me (not to mention certain Republicans who are sadly unwilling to fight), I am winning on the Border,” the president wrote in a recent tweet.



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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