HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 2, Daenerys Judges Jaime And Winterfell Prepares For The Terrifying Night King’s Invasion


HBO’s “Game of Thrones” heads into its second episode of the final season 8 with high drama.

Jaime Lannister arrives without the Lannister Army and it angers Daenerys, who holds a grudge against the Night since he killed her father when she was an infant. Meanwhile, Sansa stands up to Daenerys again and Tormund, Edd and the Night’s Watch along with Beric arrive at Winterfell with the ominous news that the Night King is arriving before the next morning.


All hell is set to break loose in the third episode, but next week you may see another shocking event.  I’m not telling.


The eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” will premiere Sunday, April 14 at 9/8c on HBO. Follow “Game of Thrones AfterWord” for all breaking news on Facebook.    Watch the video here!



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Helen Sloan/HBO
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