Box Office Milestone: Pixar’s ‘Toy Story 4′ Tops $650 Million

Walt Disney’s Toy Story 4 continued to pack them in over the holiday weekend.toy_story_4-publicity_still_4-h_2019
The Pixar sequel earned another $34.3 million in North America in its third weekend, dropping just 42% and giving the $200 million sequel a $306.6 million domestic cume. And it’s doing just fine overseas as well, as the Tom Hanks/Annie Potts/Keanu Reeves/Tim Allen flick has now earned $343.3 million outside of North America for a $650 million global cume. Sure, it may top out at $375 million domestic and it may not crack $850 million (although it has Japan this month and Germany next month), but it’s still a big hit.
Sony’s Men in Black International earned $3.65 million (-45%) in its fourth weekend for a mediocre $72 million 24-day cume. That’s indeed a disappointment, but the $110 million-budgeted flick has already earned $244 million worldwide. Had it been better received, there might be potential here. It’s not a huge loss, but the Tessa Thompson/Chris Hemsworth sci-fi action comedy is not a franchise reborn anew. Here’s hoping Sony has better luck with Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels this November. Otherwise, they can ask Peter Parker, Eddie Brock and Ruby Roundhouse for a loan.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Disney/Pixar
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