Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

Israel Planted Spy Devices Near The White House To Spy On Trump, Report

Israel has a history of spying on us, something Australia has never done to an ally.  But, any nation would be stupid not to spy on a silly white supremacist known to call his friends about classified information by personal cell phone on a daily basis. The buffoon-in-chief is a worldwide laughing stock.
The U.S. government concluded within the last two years that Israel was most likely behind the placement of cell-phone surveillance devices that were found near the White House and other sensitive locations around Washington, D.C., according to three former senior U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter.

But unlike most other occasions when flagrant incidents of foreign spying have been discovered on American soil, the Trump administration did not rebuke the Israeli government, and there were no consequences for Israel’s behavior, one of the former officials said.

The miniature surveillance devices, colloquially known as “StingRays,” mimic regular cell towers to fool cell phones into giving them their locations and identity information. Formally called international mobile subscriber identity-catchers or IMSI-catchers, they also can capture the contents of calls and data use.


The devices were likely intended to spy on President Donald Trump, one of the former officials said, as well as his top aides and closest associates — though it’s not clear whether the Israeli efforts were successful.


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AFP; AP
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