Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

Warner Bros. Drops Horrifying ‘Doctor Sleep’ Trailer (VIDEO)

Ewan McGregor leads the cast as Danny Torrance in Mike Flanagan‘s Doctor Sleep, both an adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel novel and a sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Today, Warner Bros. went a little mad and has released the film’s final trailer that’s nothing short of spectacular.


The footage plays into our recent obsession with nostalgia, focusing heavily on the imagery from Kubrick’s The Shining, hitting us with shots of the twins, the Overlook Hotel, young Danny on his Big Wheel, and blood spewing out of the elevator door – not to mention a breathtaking sweeping shot that echoes the opening of the 1980 film. It also finally offers us a story arc for the sequel, which looks to perfectly fit into the Shining “Universe.”


In Doctor Sleep, still irrevocably scarred by the trauma he endured as a child at the Overlook, Dan Torrance (McGregor) has fought to find some semblance of peace.  But that peace is shattered when he encounters Abra, a courageous teenager with her own powerful extrasensory gift, known as the “shine.” Instinctively recognizing that Dan shares her power, Abra has sought him out, desperate for his help against the merciless Rose the Hat and her followers, The True Knot, who feed off the shine of innocents in their quest for immortality.


Doctor Sleep hits theaters on November 8, 2019.



Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Warner Bros.
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