Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

Gloria Allred Responds To Bill Cosby’s Appeal For Rape Conviction Being Denied By Penn. Superior Court

Bill Cosby’s not going away quietly, but his accusers are not going to be afraid of him and powerful LA based attorney Gloria Allred, who is licensed in multiple states tells Highlight Hollywood, she remains ready to fight if Cosby challenges his appeal and goes to the US Supreme Court. cosby-shackled
The Superior Court of Pennsylvania affirmed on Tuesday that convicted sex offender Bill Cosby won’t be getting out of prison anytime soon, and the once beloved actor is very pissed off about that.
‘This news of the Superior Court denying Mr. Cosby’s appeal is appalling and disappointing, but it shows the level of corruption that resides in the Judicial System of Pennsylvania,” declared The Cosby Show creator’s representatives Tuesday as the judgment of sentence opinion  was revealed
” I represented the majority of the prior bad act witnesses who testified in the criminal trial in which Bill Cosby was convicted of three felonies of aggravated indecent assault,” Allred tells Highlight Hollywood.

“I have always believed and publicly stated that their testimony was essential and that the jury needed to hear from them to determine the truth. They were permitted to testify and I am very grateful that the Pennsylvania Court of Appeals has affirmed the trial court’s decision to allow their testimony.
“Their testimony clearly established that Mr. Cosby had a plan to drug and sexually assault women. His plan was to drug them so that they could not refuse to engage in sexual acts with him. In other words, he knew that they did not consent to his sexual assaults because by drugging them he took away their power to consent or refuse consent. He knew that they did not and could not consent to his sexual assaults upon them,” added in her statement. 
The testimony of these witnesses helped the jury to understand that Mr. Cosby knew when he drugged Andrea Constand that she also had no power to consent to Mr. Cosby’s criminal act against her and that is why he was convicted. What the justices called Cosby’s “unique sexual assault playbook” was revealed to the jury as nothing but a criminal plan to drug and sexually assault women.
“I am very proud to have represented these courageous prior bad act witnesses who helped to win justice and put this sexual predator in prison where he belongs. This decision is an important victory for victims’ rights and should send a message to powerful men that they will face serious consequences if they sexually victimize women,” Allred said.
“If the Pennsylvania Supreme Court accepts this case for review, I hope that Pennsylvania’s highest court will also affirm the conviction of Bill Cosby. 

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  AP
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