Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

‘Ray Donovan’ RECAP: Guess Who Returns? And Next Week’s Preview (VIDEO)

At long last we learn what we already suspected. Mickey is alive, and another head has been found.02_03_RayDonovan_S07-feat-770x433
 That’s what the Donovan family is dealing with at the moment. Everything that can go wrong is going wrong, and that leaves the family desperately trying to find a way to cover up what they’ve done. Look, those dirty cops deserved what they got, and they would’ve killed Ray and all the Donovans on the spot, but there’s no way the law would see it that way.

Ray has a plan. With Mickey alive but technically dead, it should be a breeze to pin the three murders on him. Ray takes his father to all the different relevant locations and gets Mickey to put his prints and blood on the scenes as evidence. With more heads popping up, the cops will be looking for clues, and they’ll find all sorts of evidence telling them that Mickey Donovan killed everyone. Then Ray will put his father on a plane and send him away forever, the cops having nailed a dead man for the crimes and nobody the wiser.

But things, of course, never go smoothly in this family. Sure, Mickey does get on a plane and heads to the Maldives, but that doesn’t mean this problem is buried. In fact, Detective Perry is more suspicious than ever. After all this evidence pops up, she pays Daryll a visit.

She asks him about the night of Nov. 7, and quite frankly, Daryll is a terrible liar. His mother, who’s visiting for Mickey’s now-unnecessary funeral, knows that he’s lying too, and she warns him that if he continues to get wrapped up in this Donovan family nonsense, he’s going to wind up in prison.

Ray Donovan airs Sunday nights at 9pm only on Showtime.
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:   Showtime
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