Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Prosecutors Accuse Fotis Dulos Of Violating Bail Order, Conn. Businessman Out On $6M Bond

Connecticut businessman Fotis Dulos has been accused of violating the terms of his release by removing items from a memorial for his estranged wife on his way back from the grocery store.            

State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo filed a request Wednesday for a judge to modify Fotis Dulos’ conditions of release on $6 million bond after he was seen last week getting out of his car and removing the items.Sources said the memorial was placed at the end of Jefferson Crossing, a private road in Farmington consisting of homes Fotis Dulos’ company developed. Fotis and Jennifer Dulos lived there until she left for New Canaan with their five children when she filed for divorce in 2017. Fotis Dulos is on house arrest at 4 Jefferson Crossing since he was charged weeks ago with murder, felony murder and kidnapping in his wife’s death. 

Apparently prosecutors are stacking charges. Fotis Dulos was approved to go grocery shopping last Friday when Colangelo said he was seen stopping at the memorial.Colangelo wants Stamford Superior Court Judge John Blawie to modify the conditions of release “as he is not complying” with the court’s orders.Fotis Dulos, whose movement is tracked by an electronic monitor, only leaving for church or pre-authorized reason.

Colangelo is hoping to get the judge to place Fotis Dulos on full house arrest, which would further restrict his activities, sources said.”

He got out of his car on the way home? Seriously?” defense attorney Norm Pattis said. “We need to get this trial on as quickly as possible to put an end to this nonsense.”                                

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:  AP

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