Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Democrat Andrew Yang Drops Out Of The 2020 Presidential Race

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang dropped out of the 2020 Democratic race after finishing well behind top-tier candidates in the Iowa caucus and  New Hampshire primary.

Yang told reporters  his plan to drop out before polls closed in New Hampshire on Tuesday. 

Later Tuesday, he addressed a crowd of his supporters. “Being your candidate has been the privilege of my life,” Yang said. “Together we will continue to do the work and move this country forward, because the Yang Gang isn’t going anywhere.”

Earlier Tuesday, Yang seemed to hint at his immediate future with a tweet in which he thanked “everyone who got us here.”

Yang began his bid for the Democratic nomination as a fringe candidate, but his signature “Freedom Dividend” policy quickly put him on the map in a crowded field. The plan offered a universal basic income of $1,000 a month to every American over the age of 18.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:  AP

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