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HBO Released Synopses For ‘The New Pope’ Episodes Feb. 17, Feb. 24 And It’s Going Down

If you are addicted to Lenny’s “The New Pope” on HBO, you are about to get a new fix. It’s deliciously good and things are about to get a bit stickier.  HBO confirmed the following synopses to Highlight Hollywood for Monday, February 17 and Monday, February 24 episodes.

Episode 6
Debut date: MONDAY, FEB. 17 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)
A confrontation with Spalletta (Massimo Ghini) leads Brannox (John Malkovich) to deliver some unwelcome news to Voiello (Silvio Orlando). Sofia (Cécile de France) learns what her husband has been keeping from her. Voiello ties up loose ends. Ester (Ludivine Sagnier) expands her business and takes drastic action when she is met with opposition. Brannox agrees to a live televised interview that asks him to delve into his past.

Written by Paolo Sorrentino Umberto Contrarello and Stefano Bises; directed by Paolo Sorrentino.

Set of “The New Pope” by Paolo Sorrentino. 29/11/2018 sc.409- ep 4 in the picture John Malkovich. Photo by Gianni Fiorito This photograph is for editorial use only, the copyright is of the film company and the photographer assigned by the film production company and can only be reproduced by publications in conjunction with the promotion of the film. The mention of the author-photographer is mandatory: Gianni Fiorito. Set della serie Tv “The New Pope” di Paolo Sorrentino. Nella foto John Malkovich. Foto di Gianni Fiorito Questa fotografia è solo per uso editoriale, il diritto d’autore è della società cinematografica e del fotografo assegnato dalla società di produzione del film e può essere riprodotto solo da pubblicazioni in concomitanza con la promozione del film. E’ obbligatoria la menzione dell’autore- fotografo: Gianni Fiorito.

Episode 7

Debut date: MONDAY, FEB. 24 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

In Venice, a papal doctor and his wife struggle to care for their sick son and witness a miracle. Pius XIII’s (Jude Law) devotees grow resigned and change course. An attack on Vatican soil shakes Brannox (John Malkovich) to his core and prompts him to admit a hard truth to Gutierrez (Javier Cámara). Sofia (Cécile de France) comes to Voiello (Silvio Orlando) for advice on how to handle the pope.

Written by Paolo Sorrentino Umberto Contrarello and Stefano Bises; directed by Paolo Sorrentino.

THE NEW POPE is a joint Sky, HBO, CANAL+ original production; created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino; executive producers, Lorenzo Mieli, Mario Gianani, Riccardo Neri, Elena Recchia, Paolo Sorrentino, Jude Law, Caroline Benjo, Carole Scotta, Simon Arnal, Jaume Roures, Javier Méndez, Nils Hartmann, Sonia Rovai; produced by Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani for Fremantle’s Wildside; co-produced by Haut et Court TV and The Mediapro Studio.Fremantle is the global distributor for THE NEW POPE.   Y

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