Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Marianne Williamson Endorses Bernie Sanders

Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson reportedly endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders Sunday during a surprise appearance at a rally for the progressive candidate in Austin, Texas. 

“He won Iowa. He won New Hampshire. He won Nevada,” she told the crowd, according to The Washington Post. “Bernie Sanders has been taking a stand for a very long time.”

“We’re here and we’re with Bernie,” the self-help guru added.

Williamson, who formally ended her campaign on January 10, was raised in Texas, where the rally was taking place. After failing to qualify for multiple debates, Williamson laid off her entire campaign staff roughly a week before formally dropping out of the race.

She later announced her support for former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Williamson said her aim was to assist Yang in getting “past the early primaries.” Yang went on to end his long-shot campaign earlier this month as New Hampshire results were rolling in.

Williamson’s support for Sanders comes after she previously noted her affection for the progressive candidate, as well as Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Following her appearance, Williamson shared a statement announcing her endorsement to Twitter. “What happened in Nevada on Saturday was extraordinary, and the energy is unquestionably with Bernie,” she wrote. “A 40 year-old trend of capitalism without conscience—corporate elites and their errand boys in government—have created the inevitable blowback in the form of a political revolution.”

She added: “That revolution is one that Bernie Sanders now leads, and I want to do everything I can to further its success. I am honored to endorse him.”

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:  AP

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