Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Seven Attorneys Fighting Over Fotis Dulos’ Estate, From Mansion To 16-Year-Old Cat Madonna

Seven attorneys are battling over the estate of Fotis Dulos attended a probate court hearing Tuesday in search of what the accused killer left behind, including his motorcycle, a crepe maker and the $194,000 left in a Fidelity account.

After about 30 minutes, about all that appeared to be settled was the fate of Dulos’ 16-year-old cat, Madonna, who was rescued from his Jefferson Crossing home last weekend and may end up with Anna Curry — the woman who paid $147,000 to post a bond for Dulos weeks before he tried to kill himself.

Farmington Probate Judge Evelyn Daly will have to sort out the rest. And it could take some time.

Attorney Christopher J. Hug, the temporary administrator of the Dulos estate, said he needs to do an inventory of all the personal property in the home, as well as review Dulos’ financial accounts and also determine the status of properties and houses owned by the Fore Group Inc., Dulos’ luxury home building company. Several of the homes, including his home at 4 Jefferson Crossing, are currently in foreclosure. Hug said so far he has found a bank account with about $14,000 in it and a Fidelity account, which is likely an IRA not subject to probate, with about $194,000.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:  AP

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