Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ SPOILERS For Feb. 17 – 21, It’s Time For Payback

CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” is heating up.  With Thomas in full conniving-mode, will Hope or Zoe be safe? Douglas manages to find himself in the middle of his dad’s plot, again and Brooke confronts her nemesis.  

Monday, February 17                                                                                    Episode 8273

Things get intense when Hope and Zoe overhear Liam sling accusations at Thomas. Flo comforts Wyatt as he attempts to process the pain of Sally’s illness.  

Tuesday, February 18                                                                                    Episode 8274

Thomas sends an unwitting Douglas with an important message for Hope. Liam attempts to get Zoe to see that Thomas is up to no good.  

Wednesday, February 19      

Episode 8275

Hope comforts Douglas who fears that he will lose her as his mother. Thomas decides to put his plan into full gear by hosting a dinner at the Forrester Mansion.           

Thursday, February 20                                                                                  Episode 8276

Brooke calls Thomas out for flaunting his relationship with Zoe to get to Hope. In a grand gesture, Thomas makes a romantic proposal of marriage.  

Friday, February 21                                                                                       Episode 8277

Zoe makes a public request of Thomas before she will consider saying “yes.” Douglas makes an emotional plea to Hope before revealing a secret that he’s been keeping.   

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 “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.  

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

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