Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

Poll: Former VP Biden Grows 11 Point Lead Over Trump

A new national survey indicates flagging support for the job white supremacist President Trump  is doing combating the coronavirus pandemic.

And a Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday also suggests that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead over Trump in the November general election showdown has increased to 11 points.

The beloved former vice president tops the GOP incumbent in the White House by a 50-39 percent margin among registered voters nationwide, according to the survey. That’s up slightly from a 49-41 percent lead Biden held over Trump in Quinnipiac’s previous poll, which was conducted in April.

Biden’s double-digit lead in the Quinnipiac survey is higher than the single-digit advantage he holds in most other national polls. Biden tops the president by 5.6 points in the latest Real Clear Politics average of national head-to-head polling between the two major-party candidates.

As expected, the Quinnipiac survey indicates Democrats overwhelmingly supportive of Biden and Republicans overwhelmingly backing Trump. The survey suggests independents breaking for the Democratic challenger by a 47-36 percent margin, with five and a half months to go until Election Day.

The president has a seven-point advantage among male voters, but Biden trounces Trump by 28 points among all women – including an 11-point lead among white women.

“What does the 11-point Biden lead tell us? At best for Team Trump, it says voter confidence in President Trump is shaky. At worst for them, as coronavirus cases rise, Trump’s judgment is questioned – and November looms,” Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy highlighted.

The president’s overall approval rating stands at 42 percent approval and 53 percent disapproval, down slightly from a month ago. The president’s approval on steering the federal response to the coronavirus stands at 41 percent this month, down five points from April. Disapproval jumped five points, to 56 percent. And by a 16-point margin – 55 to 39 percent – voters say they think Biden would do a better job than the president handling the coronavirus response. The Biden campaign touted that number on Twitter.

Two-thirds of those questioned – but only 38 percent of Republicans – say that Trump should wear a face mask when he is out in public.You can follow us on social media at or on Facebook at:,and now on Google+ at:
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett Photographs are Courtesy:    APFollow us on Twitter @HighlightHwd or @LightfootinHwd