Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

Warner Bros. Mind Blowing ‘Tenet’ Trailer Warps Time (VIDEO)

Tenet returns with a new trailer, which made its world debut Thursday on Fortnite. The film has been subject to speculation over whether it will stick to the July 17 release date that Warner Bros. set for the pic, which has been the only summer tentpole not to shift dates amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Though the trailer for the time-bending Christopher Nolan film did not include a release date, the biography for the film’s Twitter page now includes the July 17 date after it curiously disappeared earlier Thursday. The YouTube page hosting the trailer also has the date.

Warner Bros. dropped the first trailer in December, but in the five months since, the marketing for the movie had gone all but dark as the world adjusted to the coronavirus pandemic, which saw theaters close around the globe and theatrical marketing campaigns shut down. But on Wednesday, Tenet came back to life with a surprise TV spot, followed by Thursday’s trailer. 

If Tenet opens July 17, it will be a major test of filmgoing behavior amid the coronavirus. Solstice Studios’ Russell Crowe movie Unhinged,  is actually the first new release due out in theaters July 1, though it is much more modest in its ambitions than Tenet, orDisney’s Mulan, which is set to open July 24.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:    Warner Bros.

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