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For 90 minutes, Fotis Dulos’ Vehicle Was Unaccounted For The Day His Wife Jennifer Faber Dulos Disappeared

A white Jeep owned by Fotis Dulos left Mountain Spring Road for more than 90 minutes on the afternoon that his estranged wife Jennifer Farber Dulos disappeared — and police have no idea who was driving it or where it went.

The unexplained window of time on May 24, 2019, raises questions about whether Dulos used that time to hide her body. A property in Avon that has become a renewed focus of attention is less than 10 minutes away.
Dulos was familiar with the secluded, sprawling property at 44 Sky View drive in Avon, having spent several months the previous winter cleaning out the inside of the home after a water pipe burst and caused significant damage. The 15,000-square-foot home is completely isolated from its few neighbors by a long driveway and a row of trees out front.

In addition to a large septic tank, there’s also a wooded area behind the home and a trail that leads from 44 Sky View Drive to another empty house at 404 Deercliffe Avenue. The trail winds behind the fenced in area where two cell towers are located and is about a mile long. Advertisement

The Courant recently revealed Dulos’ connections to the Sky View property and questioned whether it had been searched properly. State police issued a statement saying that the property had been searched last year without offering any specifics.

State police did visit the Sky View property last spring, but sources said they didn’t bring cadaver dogs or check the septic tank. It is unclear if they were aware of the trail, or if they searched it.

With Jennifer Farber Dulos now missing more than a year, the question of what happened to her body remains an enduring question. She and Dulos had been involved in a bitter divorce, and police believe he killed her at her New Canaan home. Dulos took his own life in January after being charged in the murder.

State police have said that after killing Jennifer, Dulos returned to Farmington driving a red Toyota truck at around 12:20 p.m. on May 24 and that the truck didn’t leave a property owned by Dulos’ Fore Group construction company at 60 Mountain Spring Road until nearly 5 p.m. At that point, the truck’s owner, Pawel Gumienny, a Fore Group employee, returned from working in New Canaan to switch vehicles with Dulos.

State police spent several days searching the Mountain Spring property and the surrounding woods, bringing cadaver dogs and opening the septic tank. They suspected Dulos may have brought his wife’s body there to be buried after allegedly killing her in the garage of her New Canaan home that morning.

A review of the arrest warrants shows that at 2:01 that afternoon a white Jeep and a Chevrolet Suburban owned by Dulos pulled into Mountain Spring Road — Dulos is driving one of the vehicles and his girlfriend at the time, Michelle Troconis, is driving the other.

At 2:13 p.m., Dulos sent a text to Gumienny asking him when he will be returning to Farmington from New Canaan, where he was working on another house owned by Dulos’ Fore Group. Gumienny texted back he would return sometime around 4:30 p.m.

At 2:24 p.m., the white Jeep is seen on a neighbor’s security surveillance system exiting the Mountain Spring Road property and turning right, possibly heading North toward Dulos’ home on Jefferson Crossing.

But police have no way of tracking where the Jeep went; Sky View Drive is also north of Mountain Spring Road, off the same road as Jefferson Crossing. There is no indication in search warrants and arrest warrants released by police that it returned to Jefferson Crossing.

The warrant doesn’t indicate who is driving it, and sources have said the video isn’t clear enough to tell whether it is Dulos or Troconis behind the wheel. The Jeep didn’t return to Mountain Spring Road until 3:55, records show.

Trocnonis has pleaded not guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit murder and is free on bond.

Years before the bitter divorce proceedings that preceded Farber Dulos’ disappearance, in the summer of 2010, the couple lived briefly at the 44 Sky View Drive home, according to two former employees of Fore Group, Dulos’ home construction company. Dulos died two days after his suicide attempt in January, never regaining consciousness, and many believed he took the secret of where his wife’s body was with him.

But new information about the Sky View Drive property has renewed focus on that location.

Records reviewed by The Courant show that the Fore Group also spent several months cleaning up the inside of the mansion after pipes burst in January 2018. No one has lived at the home since December 2017.

Ford, the property owner, said he first met Dulos in 2010 when he bought the property. He hired him to do the pipe work in 2017 on a recommendation from a friend. Ford said state police searched his property last June after he gave them permission. He wasn’t sure what that search entailed.

“I told them, ‘Whatever you need to do, if it helps find the missing mother of five children,’” Ford said.

Ford added, if they want to come back and search more, they are welcome to do so.

Farber Dulos, 51, disappeared on the morning of May 24, 2019, after dropping her five children off at their private school in New Canaan. Her Chevrolet Suburban was seen on security cameras driving on Welles Avenue as she returned home. The suburban was seen leaving a few hours later — believed to have her body in it and Dulos driving, according to arrest warrants.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

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