Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Pence Cancels ‘Faith In America’ Political Rallies In Florida And Arizona Due To Spike In Coronavirus Cases

Vice President Mike Pence has postponed his “Faith in America” tour events in Florida and Arizona amid rapidly rising coronavirus cases in both states.

“Vice President Pence will no longer participate in campaign events in Arizona and Florida this week,” a spokesman close to Pence told Fox News Saturday. “This is related to coronavirus numbers increasing in those states.”

Pence will still be traveling to Florida, Arizona and Texas next week Fox News confirmed, to meet with governors and evaluate the situation on the ground in those states seeing spikes in coronavirus cases.

Pence’s decision comes just hours after Florida reported a record new high in daily coronavirus cases — marking it the third time this week a new record was broken.

The Florida Department of Health reported more than 9,500 new cases of coronavirus Saturday, surpassing Friday’s record high on nearly 9,000 new cases.

The White House Task Force gave its first briefing in two months Friday, where Pence was asked if he saw a correlation with the states seeing record spikes and the states that chose to reopen their economies early — including Florida, Arizona and Texas.

“I think there will be a temptation for people to look at these Sun Belt states that have been reopening and putting people back to work and suggest that the reopening has to do with what we’re seeing in the last week or so,” Pence said.

“But frankly, in the case of each of these states, they reopened, in some cases, almost two months ago.”

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:    AP

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