Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Record Surge In New Coronavirus Cases Pushes Los Angeles County Past 100K Cases

Los Angeles County surged passed 100,000 coronavirus cases Monday as the number of daily new cases more than doubled from what it was just two weeks ago.

\The county reached a record high for new cases Monday, and health officials painted a grim picture of ” a lot more deaths” and a shortage of hospital beds in a matter of weeks.

The County reported 2,903 new cases of coronavirus, the largest single-day total by far during the pandemic. There have been 100,772 confirmed cases in Los Angeles, and the positive test rate has jumped to 9 percent, a troubling sign of the virus’s spread in the community. The governor and the county issued orders Sunday to close down bars in Los Angeles in an effort to stem spread of COVID-19. But many of the COVID-19 patients who will overwhelm hospitals in the weeks to come are likely already infected, according to Dr. Christina Ghaly, the county’s health services director.
Ghaly, the county’s health services director, noted the “stark change” in hospitalizations over the past week, with more than 1,700 people currently hospitalized, up from an average of about 1,400 just two weeks ago. She said if that trend continues, the county could quickly run out of intensive-care unit beds, forcing hospitals to adjust operations and create additional ICU space.

She noted that given the 14-day incubation period of the virus, even if the spread stopped immediately, uncounted numbers of people have already been infected and will impact the health system in the coming weeks.
“The rising patient volume in our hospitals will likely fill all of the intensive care unit beds that are currently available,” she said.

Beyond the ICU, hospitals are likely to run out of beds within a few weeks, warned Dr. Roger Lewis, who leads the county’s statistical modeling efforts.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

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