Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

Famed Attorney Anne Bremner Wins Historic $98M Judgment Against Washington For Susan Cox Powell’s Parents

A Pierce County jury reached a verdict Friday in the case of Susan Cox Powell and the murder of her two sons in 2012. It’s a case that’s received national attention over the years.

The jury ruled Washington state was negligent when it was supposed to protect the two young boys during a supervised visit with their father, Josh Powell. The state will have to pay Chuck and Judy Cox, the grandparents of the boys, $98 million.

Jury finds state DSHS negligent in violent deaths of Susan Powell’s sons | KOMO

As part of the verdict, the jurors awarded $98 million to the estates of the two boys, Charlie and Braden.

A spokesperson for the Department of Children, Youth and Families, which broke off from DSHS about two years ago, said the agency’s next moves are still up in the air.

“Following the tragic 2012 murder-suicide of Josh Powell and his two sons, Charlie and Braden, DCYF plans to review the jury’s decision and determine next steps,” the agent said in a written statement.

Jury finds state DSHS negligent in violent deaths of Susan Powell’s sons | KOMO

The trial over the killings of Susan Cox Powell’s two young sons originally began in February but was halted for several weeks as the COVID-19 pandemic flared in Washington state. The civil trial resumed on July 16, and the jury began deliberating Thursday.

The wrongful death lawsuit was originally brought in 2012 by Susan Powell’s parents, Judy and Chuck Cox, who alleged that negligence by the state was a contributing factor that led to the deaths of their grandsons at the hands of Josh Powell.

Police say when the two boys were brought to Powell’s Pierce County home by a DSHS caseworker for a supervised visit, he locked out the caseworker, killed the boys with a hatchet and then killed himself in an explosive fire that destroyed the home.

The Coxes’ lawsuit was thrown out in 2015 but the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals revived the lawsuit.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

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