Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

No New Coronavirus Deaths In Rhode Island For Second Day

For the second day in a row, the Rhode Island Department of Health reported no new coronavirus-related deaths, along with a decrease in the daily positivity rate from the day before.

On Friday, the state saw 64 new cases and no fatalities, with a positivity rate of 1.7 percent. That’s a decrease from Thursday, when there were 107 new cases and positivity rate of 2.5 percent, as well as no new deaths.

Rhode Island has seen a slight uptick in cases over the past weeks, which Gov. Gina Raimondo blamed on unmasked, non-socially distant social gatherings  at her weekly news conference Wednesday.

“If you’re doing this, I need you to knock it off because people are getting sick, people are dying, and it’s not necessary,” Raimondo said. “Your right to have a party should not infringe on their right to live.”

For this reason, the state will remain in phase three of reopening for an additional month, Raimondo said, since the r-value, or virus’s rate of spread, is higher than the benchmark of 1.1, currently sitting at 1.5. In the coming weeks, the state needs to buckle down and “keep a lid” on the virus, Raimondo said, to allow Rhode Islander to get back to work, and kids back to in-person school Aug. 31.

“There is too much transmission going on right now, particularly tied to the social gatherings,” Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, the director of the Department of Health, said Wednesday. “Wearing masks is critical. Wearing masks is key … Too many people have told us they could have done better … Too many young people are identified multiple, multiple contacts.”

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy:   AP

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