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More Fox Advertisers Flee After Tucker Carlson’s Racist Remarks, Which Were Endorsed By David Duke

Fox News (AKA: Fox Rape Channel) and host Tucker Carlson have lost more advertisers in the wake of the racist and false remarks the conservative commentator made this week about white supremacy —

Fox Rape Channel’s Tucker Carlson Takes Vacation After Getting KKK Leader David Duke’s Endorsement

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson announced that he is leaving for vacation Wednesday, after his comments about white supremacy being a “hoax” set off a firestorm and garnered the endorsement of David Duke,

KKK Leader David Duke Praises Fox Rape Channel’s Laura Ingraham ‘Anti-Immigration Monologue”

Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke took to Twitter Wednesday evening to offer a ringing endorsement of Laura Ingraham and her much-discussed warning about how both legal and illegal immigration

Netanyahu’s Jewish Son Posts Anti-Semitic Meme, Drawing Praise From US Neo-Nazis And David Duke, “You Are Our Bro!”

Americans have a love affair with hatred and obsession with religion, and the Middle East has an obsession with hatred and religion, which it has endured thousands of years of fighting and

KKK Leader David Duke Reminds Racist Trump, “It Was White Americans Who Put You In The Presidency’

Earlier on Saturday, Duke called the rally a “turning point” saying that protesters would fulfill the promises of Trump’s candidacy.  “This represents a turning point for the people of this country. We

Despicable Eric Trump Says, “David Duke Deserves A Bullet In The Head,” But Surely Knows His Father Is Just As Racist

The Trumps are racist, Donald Trump’s father was a well-known racist who was also reportedly a member of the New York KKK division. And let’s not forget, just as many blacks were

KKK Leader David Duke Does Robo-Call, Linking Voting For Trump And For Duke For Senate In 2016

Trump is a racist, and it was clear when he lied right in front of the camera telling Jake Tapper, “I don’t know anything about David Duke, White Supremacists or White Supremacy”

Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Defends Trump’s Attack On Judge, Blames Jewish Media, “Blitzer, CNN”

Since Fox News Channel has become as always the brainwashing of the poor and “poorly educated” on the right, it’s obvious that the KKK, which endorsed Donald Trump for President in the

Conman Donald Trump Won’t Be Harmed By Supporting David Duke, KKK And Domestic Terror Groups, Highlight Hollywood News

#AmericaIsAlreadyTheGreatestCountryOnThePlanet.  Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are jokers. Now that they see the Trump-train of hate has left the station, they pretend that they are shocked that the KKK and other White

David Duke, KKK Leader Tom Metzger Credit Donald Trump With Rise In White Supremacist Membership, Highlight Hollywood News

As the Republican Party grows more and more worried every day about Donald Trump, at least one group is loving his rise to prominence: white supremacists. Politico reports that the white supremacist website Stormfront