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CosmicsAdventureWhen we were growing up, we were all interested in space ships, in the possibility of life outside of our planet and the greatest shows when I was a kid related to them. My most favorite show as “Lost In Space.” See Dr. Smith cowering behind the little Will Robinson was the funniest and yet spookiest thing I can remember. My brother Keith always had a love for the Sci Fi. I guess eventually his fascination with it rubbed off on me. My writing has always been slanted in the direction of soaps, drama and of course my books have all been about the movies, Television and the stars who made both genres special. So it was even a surprise to me, when my agents said, try Sci Fi fantasy writing. Who knows, it may be my last round of it. But I do plan on three more books to explain who Cosmic is and what his real mission is about. This book will showcase Cosmic as a good guy. A man who was chosen to fight for the survival of mankind in a scary time on the planet. Similar to the brave men and women who fight for our nation and civilization itself on this war on terror. For their sakes, since many of them have told me they are interested in reading this book, I won’t have any “terrorists” per se in the book. There will be terror but it has an unearthly presence in this book. I think we are all scared enough of the real bad guys on the planet today. I hope that you find this book entertaining and a bit scary. That was the goal. But also to find it uplifting. One thing Cosmic, our star character in this book taught me, while writing it, was that as scary as things are for our future, there are still good people out there and people willing to help. Since I am one of these odd people who has never been afraid of anything, it was a bit complex for me to write a novel showcasing the fear of many. So I tried to write it as yes, they fear, but they also are brave. I think you can have both traits. I know that our heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan are brave and certainly must have some fear. But they are America’s best and bravest. With their help, we will win this war on terror. With Cosmic’s help in this book. I think we’ll feel more brave than we ever have before. Because surely whether in politics or just out there in the world, there must be these brave people who are selfless and who believe in good and truth and justice for all. I enjoyed creating the character of Cosmic. I think he represents the best in us and some of the battles he’s had to wage for good versus evil are major compared to many of the battles we have to wage on a daily basis. Even though I’ve known some very vile and evil people. Including a former employer, a schizophrenic neighbor who needed help and then went crazy when the help had to come to an end, a wannabe producer who could not take no for an answer, and a small town tabloid rat. Treachery is something that you have to see and live to grasp. So it was a blessing to have to deal with awful people in that it gives an artist and author more material to work with. Cosmic’s battles in this book are symbolic of the daily battles many of us wage against envy, liars and people filled with deceit. That’s one great thing about this book, truth and good win out. Truth be told, they do in real life too. All you need is to stand strong and fight. Cosmic is a character that you’ll be reading more about in the future if I have my way! (From the Author’s Foreword of Cosmic’s Adventure: A Science Fiction Novel)  Buy it Today

Cosmic’s Adventure: The Battle in Salt Lake


CosmicsBattleinSaltLakeFrom Santa Fe, Cosmic heads to Salt Lake City on his mission to save the world from an unknown shadowy figure, that brings bad things to all places he comes.  While in Salt Lake, Cosmic battles additional forces of evil for mankind.  Cosmic’s dream-sequences also has great prophesies in the future, and the danger in this book and the drama is constant and exhilarating to the reader!   Buy it Today









The Prints of Classic Hollywood


printsofClassicHollywoodTommy Lightfoot Garrett has been a collector of classic era photographs for years. The difference between Tommy and the people who collect classic photos, is that Tommy over the years has become friends with many of these stars and he also has represented many of them over the years as well. This photo book is one that the reader and admirer of classic stars can enjoy some of the great studio and candid shots of the past century, with Garrett’s historical knowledge of Hollywood and the icons who made the entertainment industry so great. There are even some shots signed by stars who are either no longer with us or no longer signing autographs. This book is warm, well put together and offers the reader some new insights into what made the classic era so grand in Hollywood’s history.

“This book of unique classic Hollywood photographs is an invaluable addition to any film buff’s library. Tommy Garrett is not only one of the most knowledgeable of Hollywood historians, but a man whose passion for the movies and the personalities who made them great is limitless and downright addictive. Enjoying this book and the wonderful photographs of many of the famous people Tommy has personally known and admired is a true trip down Hollywood memory lane!” – Stone Wallace, author of George Raft: The Man Who Would be Bogart

“Mining the riches of several celebrity photo archives across the world, author and esteemed industry historian Tommy Lighfoot Garrett has culled a treasure trove of rare images that lovingly depicts the class and glamour of Old Hollywood. Tommy should be cherished for his loyal diligence in keeping the flame of Classic Hollywood burning brightly.” – John O’Dowd, author of Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye: The Barbara Payton Story  Buy it Today


The Making of Hollywood


TheMakingofHollywoodStarsTommy Garrett, a Hollywood insider, does it again! The Hollywood press agent, columnist, Radio and Television personality and Author has penned another tome on the elite of Hollywood. Garrett mixes the old with the new with special consideration on current stars of this era, many of which he has known personally or through their Hollywood connections. This is the third book for the author, previous books are: Letters from a Known Woman: Joan Fontaine and the first in this series of books, So, You Want To Be In Pictures: The Making of Hollywood Idols. The Making of Hollywood Stars features the following stars of today and yesteryear: Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Cate Blanchett, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell, John Stamos, Tom Selleck, Michael Bergin, Julie Newmar, Anita Ekberg, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ty Hardin, Elizabeth Taylor, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Adrian Grenier, Hugh Jackman, Anderson Cooper, designer Tom Ford, Josh Duhamel, Ingo Rademacher, Lucille Ball, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Cruise, Paul Newman, Nina Foch, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Virginia Mayo, Alain Delon, Dick VanDyke, Rutger Hauer and soap star – Cameron Mathison. Tommy is candid and honest about all these stars. He goes into how Virginia Mayo’s racist rants pointed at him and others around her. How Tom Cruise may not be one of the world’s best actors but what makes him remain top gun among current Hollywood stars. Tommy feels that Russell Crowe is the best actor since Henry Fonda, and there are personal things about his relationships with many of today’s stars and yesterday’s big stars that you get to read about in this book. How Anita Ekberg chastised him for referring to her as an older star, his insight into Jennifer Aniston’s struggle with relationships with not only her ex Brad Pitt but her mother. Tommy’s work as a press agent, journalist and on-air personality puts him in direct contact with not only these mega stars but family, friends and handlers who tell him the scoop about all of these stars.  Buy it Today



So, You Want to be in Pictures: The Making of Hollywood Idols


So, You Want To Be In Pictures is a new styled celebrity biographical series that will feature some of the greatest movie stars in history, but will also chronicle SoYouWantToBeInPicturesthe lives of some Television stars, stage stars and those enduring figures that we are still fascinated by. This book was a labor of love by the author, Tommy Garrett. Garrett works in the entertainment business and has for decades. He hosts a classic Television show, does entertainment news on Australian radio and among many other duties in the biz, he is an entertainment publicist who has known and met many legendary stars and has even represented them. This book is filled with personal anecdotes, stories in first, second and third person, but also one that tries to explain why people choose to become idols in the entertainment industry and how it rips some of them apart from their families, their friends and sometimes their own souls. But overall, it’s an uplifting book that admires and showcases the positive attributes of stars like: Henry Fonda, Charlton Heston, Gregory Peck, Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Jane Wyman, Deanna Durbin, Simone Simon, Phyllis Diller, Janet Leigh, John Gavin, John Wayne, Eartha Kitt, Joan Fontaine, Cary Grant, Don Rickles, Judy Garland, Jane Powell, Bob Hope, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Doris Day, Tab Hunter, Clint Walker, Montgomery Clift, Debbie Reynolds, Loretta Young, Barbara Stanwyck, Ann Sheridan, Luise Rainer, Beverly Garland, Rex Reason, Yul Brynner, Glenn Ford, Ann Blythe, Patricia Neal, Eva Marie Saint, Eileen Fulton, Bob Barker, Ronald Reagan, Clarice Taylor, Ruta Lee, Joan Collins, Charles Bronson, Rhonda Fleming, Anna Lee, Darlene Conley, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, Lena Horne, Vincent Price, Olivia deHavilland, Boris Karloff and Sidney Poitier. So, You Want To Be In Pictures is the first in four series of books on the subject of Hollywood Icons. It is a good read, filled with entertaining stories of the great actors and actresses of today and yesterday.  Buy it Today


Letters from a Known Woman: Joan Fontain


Letters from a Known Woman: Joan Fontaine is the result of several years of correspondence with Joan Fontaine by the author, Tommy Garret. Letters from a LettersfromaKnownWoman-JoanFontaineKnown Woman is an intriguing look into Joan Fontaine’s past, which includes her bout with child abuse, her clash with big wig, Hollywood studio executives, and her infamous rivalry with her well-known sister, Olivia De Havilland. Letters from a Known Woman: Joan Fontaineincludes over 60+ pictures of Joan Fontaine from early starlet to her later years as a popular movie star.Joan Fontaine appeared in over 40 motion pictures, including such classics as Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion and Rebecca and other notables including Jane Eyre and Gunga Din.  Buy it Today

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