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Daytime Emmy News: 2017 Nominations To Be Announced On Wednesday, March 22

In addition to announcing Live on CBS’s “The Talk” the 2017 Daytime Emmy nominations, NATAS will also  be hosting the first of many FB Live Fan chats from the Face Book Studios

Pray For Former First Lady Barbara Bush, The Beautiful Outspoken American Icon Has Been Hospitalized, Highlight Hollywood News

Mrs. Barbara Bush is my all-time favorite First Lady, and I’ve been honored to have known her for decades.  Please pray for her tonight.  As the former first lady Barbara Bush has

U.S. Senate Passes Budget Put Together In Bipartisan Fashion By Republican Paul Ryan, Democrat Patty Murray, Highlight Hollywood News

After the Tea Party-led fiasco months ago with the U.S. Government shutdown, parading as sensible people, when they are senseless idiots, who are guided mainly by bigotry, the U.S. Congress has sent

No Longer Pandering To The Anarchists, Republican Speaker Of The House, John Boehner Says Own Base Has Lost Its Credibility, Highlight Hollywood News

Everyone was taught, that if you push the truth into the category of PROPAGANDA, you soon lose your credibility, or as the right likes to call themselves, “Your moral authority.” The propaganda

Arizona’s Supposed-Child Protective Services Now Investigate The 6,110 Child Abuse Claims It Ignored While Gov. Brewer Says, DC Should Run Like Arizona, Highlight Hollywood News

Governor Jan Brewer makes a spectacle of herself almost daily on Fox News espousing how efficient her government is run.  But, just like all right-wing politicians, she has no interest in protecting

President Obama Met With TSA Agents Injured By LAX Shooter, And The Family Of Fallen Agent Hernandez At The Beverly Hilton, Highlight Hollywood News

President Barack Obama on Monday visited with the family of a Transportation Security Administration officer who was killed at Los Angeles International Airport earlier this month. White House spokesman Josh Earnest says

Historic Federal Government Cuts Over The Past Four Years, Affects Military Training, Highlight Hollywood news

Government cuts are not only necessary but absolutely necessary. After Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush’s outlandish government growth, which somehow got lost on the political right, which Clinton curtailed and now

6,000 Child Abuse Tips IGNORED By Arizona Officials, Fixated On National Politics While Their Kids Are Raped And Abused, Highlight Hollywood News

This can’t be blamed on the federal government or border security.  The revelation that about 6,000 cases of suspected child abuse reported to an Arizona hotline were never investigated has cast a

Va State Senator Creigh Deeds, ‘ I Am Alive So Must Live. Some Wounds Won’t Heal’, Asks For Your Prayers, Highlight Hollywood News

A Virginia state senator and onetime gubernatorial candidate stabbed by his son said Friday that he is “alive so must live,” his first public statement since the assault and his son’s suicide

Cher Attacked By The Conservative Media After Calling Sarah Palin The ‘C’ Word, While They Call The US President Even Worse, Highlight Hollywood News

After racially insensitive language, “Shucking and Jiving,” and calling the President vile names for five year, it just was a matter of time before Sarah Palin would be hit with the same