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Dear Sasha And Malia, A Classy Letter From A Former First Daughter To 13 And 16-Year Old Obama Girls, Attacked By GOP Operative, Highlight Hollywood News

When a GOP operative Elizabeth Lauten took to Facebook and social media to attack a 13-year-old and 16-year-old. The Congressman Stephen Fincher, a Republican from Tennessee. The focus went on Latuen as

Former President George W. Bush Beautiful Tribute To Father George Herbert Walker Bush, 41ST U.S. President, Highlight Hollywood News

Former President George W. Bush offered a touching tribute Tuesday to his father, George Herbert Walker Bush – with wry humor, candor and love.   The senior former President Bush served as chief of

Clay Aiken’s Congressional Bid To Be Esquire Docuseries, Highlight Hollywood News

Esquire Network will go behind the scenes of Clay Aiken’s failed congressional bid with a new docuseries.  The NBCUniversal-owned cable network announced late Tuesday — following Aiken’s defeat in North Carolina —

Beverly Hills Native Frank Mankiewicz, Aide To Robert F. Kennedy Has Died At The Age Of 90, Highlight Hollywood News

Frank Mankiewicz, the press secretary who went before television cameras to announce the death of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and later served as political director for presidential candidate George McGovern, died Thursday,

Former U.S. Congressan James Traficant Has Died At The Age Of 73, After Tractor Accident, Highlight Hollywood News

James Traficant, the colorful Ohio politician whose conviction for taking bribes and kickbacks made him only the second person to be expelled from Congress since the Civil War, died Saturday. He was

‘Boardwalk Empire’ Star Michael Kenneth Williams Pushing For Prison Reform With ACLU, Highlight Hollywood News

Uber popular HBO star Michael Williams is playing a man in prison in the early 1930s on the hit series Boardwalk Empire, and the star is now a national advocate to help

Former Republican Governor Bob McDonnell For Commonwealth Of Virginia Guilty Of Corruption Charges, Highlight Hollywood News

A federal trial which the defense devolved into a filthy soap opera, essentially calling his wife a slut for money, and he was the innocent hero leading a double life  inside the governor’s mansion ended in

US Officials Overnight Confirm Video Released By ISIS Shows Beheading Of American Journalist James Foley, Highlight Hollywood News

For those within the Bush Administration that failed to see history, they invaded Iraq with the premise that without a brutal dictator, the Iraqis would embrace democracy, something no one in the

Texas Governor Rick Perry Booked On Charges, Released To Return Home To Nigger-Head Ranch Or Gov’s Mansion, Highlight Hollywood News

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was defiant as he turned himself in to authorities Tuesday on the heels of his indictment for alleged abuse of power, vowing to “prevail” in the case.  The

Texas Governor, GOP Star Nigger-Head Ranch Owner, Rick Perry Has Been Indicted For Two Felony Abuse Of Power Charges, Highlight Hollywood News

Chris Christie also had no humility, these big shot talking bigoted (not Christie), GOP talking heads, who are welcomed onto Fox Nuts Channel to tell everyone what they’d do as President of