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Ben Carson Campaign Dealt Major Blow For The New Year, Three Top Staffers Out, Highlight Hollywood News

Watching these morons parade around to make lots of money from people too silly to realize they are enriching these 2016 Presidential candidates, especially those like Ben Carson who have no chance

The Bad And The Ugly In 2015, Cosby, Trump, Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Highlight Hollywood News

Sadly four of the worst people in 2015 will follow us into the news chain all throughout 2016 as well.   Bill Cosby’s reign of terror and his holier than thou attitude is

SeaWorld Suing State Of California Over Ban On Orca Breeding, Highlight Hollywood News

SeaWorld filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging a California commission’s ruling that bans the company from breeding captive killer whales at its San Diego park, according to a report with the AP. The

[VIDEO]: Former NY Gov. George Pataki Ends Bid For 2016 Presidency, Highlight Hollywood News

How utterly disturbing is it in the GOP race, that the most qualified are dropping out one by one. Now, that doesn’t include idiot Governors Perry or Walker, but following Lindsey Graham,

Mike Huckabee And Ben Carson Campaigns Swimming In Debt, Highlight Hollywood News

It’s hilarious listening to these 2016 Presidential candidates all harping about government spending and how they handle their own lives so differently, but alas, we know they are liars and crooks. Two

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham Drops Out Of 2016 GOP Race For President, Highlight Hollywood News

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is suspending his presidential run, he told supporters on a conference call Monday.   His announcement came on the same day as the deadline hit for him to

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter’s Grandson, Jeremy Carter Has Died At 28, Highlight Hollywood News

Former President Jimmy Carter announced the unexpected death of his grandson Jeremy to a church class Sunday — just two weeks after Carter charmed the same group by revealing he had won

Jeb Bush States, He Did Not Like Being GOP Frontrunner, “I Like It Better From Back Here,” Highlight Hollywood News

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday that he didn’t like being the frontrunner, and he’s much happier with his poll numbers where they are today.  “Six months ago,

Clinton Campaign Walks Back Her Claim Of Trump/Isis Recruitment Videos, Highlight Hollywood News

Secretary Clinton’s decision to take the fact that Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric could be used and will be used for Isis recruitment was taken a step further during Saturday night’s DEM Debate,

Bernie Sanders Campaign Under Siege As Two More Staffers Are Suspended, Highlight Hollywood News

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign suspended two more staffers for their roles in the recent data breach of Democratic National Committee voter info.   Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver announced the suspensions Saturday night, hours after