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Ted Cruz Widens Iowa Lead Over Trump, When Does The Reality TV-Star Beg For Support Again? Highlight Hollywood News

Donald Trump is due another crying-game in Iowa after CBS News poll finds Ted Cruz blowing the doors off Trump’s house in Iowa.  Jeb Bush is fading fast, and trying to come

MSNBC To Air Documentary ‘Citizen Trump,’ The Rise Of GOP Frontrunner From Business To Politics, Highlight Hollywood News

 If Cable News isn’t scaring scared people about Isis, they are pandering to Trump’s base by giving him more free airtime, and then they wonder why he’s number one in the Republican

Democratic Debate: Clinton, O’Malley, Sanders, Less Fear, More Taxes? Highlight Hollywood News

Although right-wing American will never admit how President Obama kept our taxes down, it seems that the argument over taxes still exists, as it should. The one thing we know about the

30 Percent Of GOP Primary Voters, 19 Percent Of DEM Voters Want To Bomb Fictional Land In ‘Aladdin,’ Poll Finds, Highlight Hollywood News

More Middle Eastern fairytales are believed by GOP voters than we ever feared. After supporting a fake-Republican (Donald Trump), who is actually a Democrat doing Bill Clinton’s dirty work, to bloody up

Bernie Sanders Disciplined By DNC After Campaign Staffer Cheats Then Fired For Breaching Hillary Clinton Data, Highlight Hollywood News

A cheating scandal has hit the Democrat Primary.  And at least one has been fired on the Sanders campaign, that has built a firewall around “integrity” of their campaign.  The Democratic National Committee

Hillary Clinton Returns To L.A. For Fundraisers With Warren Buffett And The Muppets, Highlight Hollywood News

She’s coming back in the New Year.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be joined by Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett at a Los Angeles-area fundraiser for her

U.S. Secret Service Officer Put On Leave After D.C. Burglary Arrest, Highlight Hollywood News

Cue up The Twilight Zone theme!  A uniformed officer in the Secret Service’s Foreign Missions Branch was put on leave and his security clearance suspended Friday after he was arrested in D.C.,

Blabber Mouth Ted Cruz Under Investigation After Leaking CLASSIFIED INFO. During GOP Debate, Highlight Hollywood News

Ted Cruz may be rising in the polls, but the moron, who was born in Canada, (which doesn’t upset or offend the famous bithers, including biggest racist Donald Trump), is so busy

CNN’s GOP Debate, Bush Swats Trump, Rubio And Cruz Battle And Ben Carson Talks More Idiocy, Highlight Hollywood News

The GOP has one major problem. Because there are those of us who don’t allow or want bigotry and racism-speak in the country anymore, all you hear from almost all the GOP

Donald Trump Rally Gets Violent Overnight, As Supporters Yell At Protestors, “Shoot Him, Light The Mother F****r On Fire, Highlight Hollywood News

Donald Trump’s supporters are bitter, and sadly after he loses, they will become even more unhappy.  However, protestors should also know by now the dangers of going to a Klan rally.  Some