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Contractor Sues Trump, Claiming He Demanded Completion At DC Hotel Before Election, But Refuses To PAY

Trump has fooled the Trumpanzees into thinking he cares about the little guy and small businesses.  He’s a liar and a fraud, he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, and

Investigating Voter Fraud? Trump’s Daughter Tiffany And Chief Of Staff Stephen Bannon Both Registered In TWO STATES

Donald Trump is a conman and a liar. There is no widespread voter fraud. Not only did 3.5 million illegals not vote, taking a chance of being arrested, but the consummate liar

Top Trump Officials Linked To Private RNC Email Server, Trump Suggested Secretary Clinton Should Be Jailed For It

Trump is nothing is not a lying con artist, a rapist, who brags about grabbing women by the genitals and a racist.  He lies whenever his mouth is open, and he also preaches

Trump’s Inability To Tell The Truth And Even Recognize It Will Become Sean Spicer’s Undoing

Donald Trump is the biggest conman on the planet in this era. Marlon Brando once said, “everyone can be a conman. But, the first person you have to con is yourself.” The

Trump Gets His First Presidential Approval Rating And It’s NOT GOOD NEWS

We know it’s a media conspiracy, that’s what Fox Rape Channel and right wing talk nutcase radio and the Liar-in-Chief Trump himself will say about it. President Donald Trump’s first job-approval rating

‘Saturday Night Live’ Writer Suspended For Highly Inappropriate Tweet About 10-Year-Old Barron Trump

Being the child of a President is horrific and probably traumatizing in itself. Having known nearly a half-dozen of them, it is terrible to see them attacked.  The right wingers racially harassed

Utah Women Return From D.C. Anti-Trump March, And March On State Capitol Monday In Snow And Freezing Rain

If racist Trump has any delusions of becoming Adolf Hitler, he’s got a lot of more eyeballs on him than his German ancestor.  The truth is, his very anemic crowd at his

Minnesota Governor Dayton, 69, Collapses During Speech, Striking Head On Lectern

 Gov. Mark Dayton collapsed while delivering his State of the State speech on Monday, striking his head on a lectern. The 69-year-old Democrat was helped into a back room and appeared to

Trump Being Sued, Accused Of Violating Constitutional Ban, President Declined To Comment On Pending Litigation

This is going to be like Bill Clinton’s scandal-filled administration all over again. And like Clinton supporters, Trumpanzees live in a fact-free world, where all they care about if the “celebrity” they

Alternative Facts Exist In Reality TV, In Real-Life, Trump’s War With The Media Has A Very Dark Purpose, Nazi Germany Did So As Well

 Donald Trump isn’t as unintelligent as people think. Yes, as far as US Presidents, he’s at the lowest level of intellect. He lies about graduating from the Wharton School of Business. He