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Minnesota Governor Dayton, 69, Collapses During Speech, Striking Head On Lectern

 Gov. Mark Dayton collapsed while delivering his State of the State speech on Monday, striking his head on a lectern. The 69-year-old Democrat was helped into a back room and appeared to

Trump Being Sued, Accused Of Violating Constitutional Ban, President Declined To Comment On Pending Litigation

This is going to be like Bill Clinton’s scandal-filled administration all over again. And like Clinton supporters, Trumpanzees live in a fact-free world, where all they care about if the “celebrity” they

Alternative Facts Exist In Reality TV, In Real-Life, Trump’s War With The Media Has A Very Dark Purpose, Nazi Germany Did So As Well

 Donald Trump isn’t as unintelligent as people think. Yes, as far as US Presidents, he’s at the lowest level of intellect. He lies about graduating from the Wharton School of Business. He

Pres. George HW Bush And Wife Barbara Remain Hospitalized, Mrs. Bush Not Improving As Fast As The Former President

Former President George H.W. Bush’s health continues to improve and his wife, who is also recovering from illness, has chosen to remain hospitalized one more night to be “closer to her husband,”

Millions Protest On Saturday Around The World, Massive 750,000 Crowd Gathers At LA Women’s March

The Women’s March rallies have spread beyond the nation’s capital and into  33 countries and every state in the union, with more than 750,000 protesters gathering in Los Angeles alone.  The sun

George H.W. Bush, Wife Barbara Remain Hospitalized In Houston

Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, remained hospitalized in Houston on Friday, a family spokesman said.  The 92-year-old former president is being treated for breathing difficulties stemming from pneumonia.

President Trump Praises Secretary Hillary Clinton At Post-Inauguration Ball, “I Have A LOT OF RESPECT For The Clintons”

Inauguration Day showed the two-faced side of Trump, which we’ll be seeing a lot of in the future.  Conman conning racist fools. In fact, Bill Clinton must be sick that he put

Sex Abuse Accusers Of President Trump To Hold Press Conference With Gloria Allred At Women’s March In DC Saturday

Gloria Allred confirmed to Highlight Hollywood on Friday afternoon that she and several accusers of President Donald Trump; include Ms. Summer Zervos, who filed a defamation lawsuit against then President-elect Trump this

Tacky Trumps Start Hocking Melania’s Jewelry Line On White House Website, To Supporters Who Can’t Afford It

Class for 16 years under the Bushes and Obamas is gone.  Trash with New Money has arrived. And promoting their underwear virtually to tacky racists who can least afford it.  Visitors to

At Least 100 Arrested In Trump Protests In Washington D.C., San Francisco

The inauguration of President Donald Trump sparked protests leading to dozens of arrests in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, law enforcement agencies told TheWrap on Friday. A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police