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US House Intel Committee Plans To Talk To Trump’s Digital Tech, Brad Parscale, Involving Russian Collusion Investigation

A congressional committee wants to interview President Donald Trump’s digital director as part of its investigation. Investigators are probing whether voter information stolen by Russian hackers made its way to the Trump

US Senate To Investigate Ex USAG Loretta Lynch In Hillary Clinton Email Probe

A bipartisan group of senators on Friday requested more information from former Attorney General Loretta Lynch about her reported efforts to hamper the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email use as secretary of

White House Violence Outrage Is Fake, Trump On Friday Hosted Revolting Misogynist Who Advocated Shooting Hillary Clinton In 2016

The Trumpanzees are a revolting, disgusting bunch of Americans, that can’t be debated. This is why they don’t like political correctness, because they support Trump, who is the worst human being on

Dem. Official In Nebraska Removed From Post Following Comments, “Glad” Congressman Scalise Got Shot

The reason I revile Donald Trump and Trumpanzees isn’t just because they are racist, but also revolting, crude people who don’t understand why America needs “political correctness.” The fact is, our history

#LyingTrump And Enabler Pence Fooled His Supporters By Giving Carrier US Taxpayers’ Money, They Are Still Taking 600 Jobs To Mexico

Trump is a conman, not even a good one, only good enough to fool 60 million racists in America, who pretended until November of last year, that they weren’t actually racist at all.

Surprise, “I Lied!” Pres. Trump Sets Another Great Example For US Kids, “I Do Not Have Any Tapes Of Comey Conversation”

The big Trump lie ends where it started, on Twitter.  President Donald Trump finally, grudgingly, had no choice but to come clean. His admission, on Twitter Thursday, who everyone knew was a

Pres. Trump’s Net Worth Takes $100 Million Nosedive In The Last Year

People who believe Trump are sad and many are just racist, reality TV star fanatics.  He speaks codespeak to racists, and they love him for it.  But his own “birther” albatross is

Michael Flynn Reportedly Met With Sanctioned Russians In 2015, Never Reported It In Security Clearance

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have aided a Russian company the U.S. government opposed during a 2015 visit to Saudi Arabia in which he pushed to be part of an

McCain Says, No American Has Seen Trump’s Healthcare Bill, “But I’m Sure Russia Has”

US Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) said he hasn’t met an American who has seen the Senate Republicans’ healthcare bill yet, though he’s “sure the Russians have” gotten their hands on it, Bloomberg

Steve Bannon, Who Is No Brad Pitt Suggests Sean Spicer Is Too Fat To Be White House Spokesman

Trump has surrounded himself with bullies and racists, and none more consistent and obvious of this than Steve Bannon.   The Trump administration has been making it progressively harder for the press to ask