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CPAC Didn’t Mind Inviting White Supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos, But Pro-Pedophilia Stance Is A Bridge Too Far?

Religious people, especially in the South, but not only in the US South all are accepting of racists.  Finally however, the religicos are finding pedophilia to be as despicable as the rest

Professional White House Liar Kellyanne Conway Blasted By The President Of Her Alma Mater

Professional liars are needed when the President is the biggest liar and con artist on the planet.  Kellyanne Conway has been called out by the president of her alma mater, Trinity Washington

Thousands Plan Holiday Weekend Protests Against Russian-Loving President Trump, ‘Not My President’s Day’

After a despicable racist exhibit in Florida, with “Blacks for Trump” signs at his KKK Rally, many Americans are rightly outraged by this racist, rapist buffoon, who is trying to separate an

US Senator John McCain Tells Our Worried European Allies, “Trump Administration Is In Disarray”

At least Washington DC’s maverick is being honest and not making excuses for a racist tangerine.  Republican Senator John McCain broke with the reassuring message that U.S. officials visiting Germany have sought

General David Petraeus Second To Turn Down National Security Gig Under Trump’s Clown Administration In 24-Hours

Trump has the Trumpanzees excited, but he is running our country into the ground and others in government service don’t want to join this sinking ship, not one bit.  No one with

Trump’s Approval Rating Falls To 39 Percent, And That’s Before His Chaotic, Illiterate Press Conference

Americans have no one to thank for this con artist, racist, rapist and reality TV buffoon in the White House. The Bernie or bust idiots didn’t care, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson

Gen. Flynn Reportedly Lied To The FBI About “Russia” Phone Calls, But Justice Dept. Expected To Protect Him

Former national security adviser white supremacist Michael Flynn denied in an FBI interview last month that he had discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia with Moscow’s ambassador to the United States, contradicting transcripts

Judge Agrees That Probable Cause In Bridgegate To Include Gov. Chris Christie, Who Is Ordered To Court In March

When it comes to Bridgegate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie still can’t find the exit ramp.   Three weeks after the Republican appeared to dodge a citizen’s criminal complaint in the political

Time Magazine’s New Cover Will Feature President Trump, Who Denies The Fact His White House Is “In Chaos!”

It’s like nothing we’ve seen in America since Richard Nixon.  A President who gets in front of the media and cameras and lie like a rug. Oh wait, Bill Clinton did it

MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Becomes Latest Media Outlet To Ban Professional Liar Kellyanne Conway (VIDEO)

Before the Trumpanzees start crying and tweeting, Joe Scarborough is a Republican.  Kellyanne Conway has lost her credibility and her invitation to appear on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, according to the show’s co-host Mika