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Arnold Schwarzenegger Says, “#TraitorTrump Stood Beside Putin Like A Little Wet Noodle” (VIDEO)

Movie star and former California Governor   Arnold Schwarzenegger took aim at President Donald Trump on Monday, slamming Trump for his “embarrassing” press conference with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki Summit.  The

Gingrich Says #TraitorTrump Committed ‘Most Serious Mistake Of His Presidency’ At Putin Summit #Traitor45

Newt Gingrich — one of racist, traitor President Trump’s strongest allies — said on Monday that Trump’s performance alongside dictator Vladimir Putin in Helsinki was “the most serious mistake of his presidency.”

Russian Mariia Butina, Arrested, Charged By Mueller In The US As Foreign Agent Who Used NRA To Gain Access To #TraitorTrump

A former aide to a top Russian official has been arrested and charged with being a foreign agent who conspired with her ex-boss to infiltrate politically powerful U.S. organizations and push Moscow’s

Twitter CEO And Board Members Permanently Suspend DC Leaks And Guccifer 2.0 After Mueller Indictments

Twitter has suspended the accounts of @GUCCIFER_2 and @DCleaks_ following charges brought Friday that directly tie the Russian Intelligence Services to the 2016 election hacking. According to the indictment, the accounts were

Minutes After Trump Famously, Publicly Asked Russians To Hack Clinton’s Emails, They Started, INDICTMENT Says

Trumpanzees are in a racist cult, it’s no different than the Jim Jones or Charlie Mansion cults. But they are soon going to look like even bigger fools, because Mueller is coming! 

Longtime Trump Friend, Campaign Official Roger Stone Now Admits He IS The “US Person” Named In Indictment

The despicable and traitorous veteran GOP political operative, Roger Stone, has acknowledged that he is the unnamed Trump campaign top aide who corresponded with Russian hackers, as described in a new indictment

12 Russians Indicted In Mueller Investigation, The Witches Are Real, And They Lead Straight To Trump Campaign

The Justice Department announced indictments against 12 Russian nationals  as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, accusing them of engaging in a “sustained effort”

Russian Military Stole Data Of 500,000 US Voters

Eleven of the Russians are charged with identity theft, conspiracy to launder money and conspiracy to commit computer crimes. Two defendants are charged with a conspiracy to commit computer crimes. “Russian GRU

Putin’s Russian Hackers Create Fake Local News Bots To Exploit US Voters Trust In Local Media

Russian operatives working out of the St. Petersberg-based Internet Research Agency (IRA) used fake accounts disguised as local U.S. media outlets to exploit Americans’ trust in local news. An NPR report found

US Justice Dept. Reopens 1955 Lynching Murder Investigation Of 14-Year-Old Emmett Till In Mississippi

The federal government has quietly revived its investigation into the murder of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old African-American boy whose abduction and killing in 1955 remains among the starkest and most searing examples