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Jared Kushner Has Been Using Private Email To Communicate With White House Officials, Set It Up In January

Donald Trump and his family and anyone who supports him are all hypocrites and liars and criminals.  The White House is infiltrated with Russian spies and frauds.  Trump supporters are cult members,

HHC Secretary Being Investigated For Misuse Of Private Jets Like He’s King, $300K In Just 3 Months

Trump has surrounded himself with people who are just like he is, liars, racists, whoremonger and criminals.  HHS Secretary Tom Price has been taking private jets because an unreliable commercial flight once

Hillary Clinton’s ‘What Happened’ Sells More Than 300,000 Copies in First Week

Hillary Clinton’s What Happened had a big debut.  Clinton’s book about her stunning loss in 2016 to Donald Trump sold more than 300,000 copies in the combined formats of hardcover, e-book and

#MuellerTime Bombshell Email Shows Trump’s Campaign Chief Manafort Offered Russian Billionaire “Secret” Briefings During Campaign

Surely Fox Rape Channel will brainwash their idiot viewers that Trump and Manafort are not traitors to America and just poor little old victims of the Deep State. However, those in government

RNC Using Donors Funds, Spent Over $230K Last Month Covering Trump’s Legal Fees In Russia Probe

The idiots who run the Republican National Committee spent over $230,000 last month to cover racist President Donald Trump’s  legal fees related to the investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential

Bob Mueller Requests White House Documents Related To Trump’s Outrageous Conduct While President

Mueller is on to Trump, which is why all of a sudden politically he’s trying to pivot and not only pander to his right wing racist nut base.  Special counsel Robert Mueller has

Trump’s Campaign Chief Manafort, Has Been Informed, He Will Be Indicted, FBI Has Had Him Under Surveillance For Years

Wonder why racist Trump went bonkers months ago and accused President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower? Wonder why he really fired FBI Director James Comey? Because Trump found out that Saturday morning

Trump’s Incompetent Lawyers Have Heated Russia Defense Strategy Discussion In Ear-Shot Of New York Times Reporter At A DC Eatery

Trump is not a billionaire, can’t pay his lawyers and is notoriously filing bankruptcy As special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe intensifies, President Donald Trump’s attorneys have butted heads over how many

Trump’s Close, Longtime Advisor, Russian-Born Attorney Cohen Ordered To Testify Before US Senate Investigators

Shyster Michael Cohen, one of President Donald Trump’s closest business advisers, said on Sunday he would testify on Tuesday to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, as the panel investigates alleged Russian interference

Mueller Investigation Into Russian Facebook Ads Just Turned Into A Big Deal For Trump Administration And Campaign Officials

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Facebook had turned over much more information to Special Counsel Robert Mueller about Russian-backed advertisements during the 2016 election than the company had shared