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Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson May Face Criminal Investigation Over “Potential Massive Fraud” At Exxon

So much for draining the swamp.  Trump is a conman, a criminal and a liar, who fools a bunch of racist fools in the U.S.    Amid the latest outrages over the Trump administration’s budget

Two Dozen People Request The US Justice Dept. To Open Criminal Investigation Of Atty. General Jeff Sessions

There will be repercussions to a lying president who makes up conspiracy theories and spread them to uneducated morons, who absorb every lie he tells.  And it will also affect his cabinet. 

Pres. Trump’s Approval Rating Drops From 37% To 29% Who Strongly Approve Of Buffoon, Making America Great Again

President Donald Trump has been unpopular his entire tenure and it doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon.  With the economy soaring thanks to the Obama Administration and stock market was soaring due

Republicans In No. Carolina Said There Would Be No Backlash, “Bathroom Bill To Cost State $3.7B In Loss Business”

Despite Republican assurances that North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” isn’t hurting the economy, the law limiting LGBT protections will cost the state more than $3.76 billion in lost business over a dozen years,

Conman Trump No Longer Blames DEMS For Trumpcare Defeat, It’s Now His Own Party’s Freedom Caucus, Making America Tweet Again

Racist conman President Donald Trump on Sunday is now attacking conservative lawmakers for the failure of the Republican bill to replace former President Barack Obama’s health care law, as aides signaled a

Former First Daughter, Prolific Bestselling Author, Advocate Patti Davis’s Open Letter Regarding Vile Trump Behavior

Patti Davis is not only a bestselling author, but the former First Daughter is an animal rights advocate and environmentalist as well.  Patti’s wit and intellect along with her good taste and

Pres. Reagan’s Brave Son, Ron Reagan Calls Ivanka Trump Donald’s ‘Security Blanket’

Former First Children usually support current regimes in the White House, but thankfully the Bush and Reagan families, as well as Fords and Carters are taking a stand against this evil racist

Several Protesters Arrested at California Trump Rally

A fight broke out on a Southern California beach where supporters of President Donald Trump were marching when counter-protesters doused organizers with pepper spray, authorities said Saturday. The violence erupted when the

Lt. Mike Flynn Has Reportedly Turned, Now Giving FBI Details On Boss Donald Trump Regarding Russian Connections (VIDEO)

After Trump’s stunning humiliation and defeat on Friday, he called the New York Times and Washington Post and was humble. Wonder why he called mainstream media, specially the Post and Times, which

White House Official Boris Epshteyn Fired, Sources Cite Bad Temper, Russian Connections

White House press office official Boris Epshteyn has been let go, after making a fool of himself for a racist moron (Trump).   Epshteyn was known for his combative TV appearances and his