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Donald Trump’s Disapproval Rating Hits All-Time High, Approval Rating Drops

Even more Americans than ever dislike the job President Donald Trump is doing in the White House, a new poll indicated on Monday.   The latest survey from Gallup showed that Trump’s

Nooses Found Hanging at Mississippi State Capitol, Trump Heads There To Support White Supremacist Candidate

A pair of nooses, as well as several hate signs, were found hanging outside the Mississippi state Capitol on Monday. The nooses were placed on trees right next to the building, according

Ex-Trumpanzee Ann Coulter: “Maybe I Should Have Voted For Hillary In 2016″

Ann Coulter has suggested that she and others should have perhaps voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election given the former Secretary of State’s recent comments supporting stricter migration policies.

Ex-National Enquirer Editor To Pen “Trump Tell All” About Trump’s Hundreds Of Affairs, Including Current

A former top National Enquirer editor is writing a book about President Donald Trump’s love life. Barry Levine, who was executive editor of the tabloid until he left in 2016, is writing

Hacker Accessed Trump’s Wikipedia Page, Replaced His Photo With One Of A Penis

Our scurrilous, racist President Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page was edited to replace the president’s image with a penis on Thursday.   Usually, the main image of the president on his Wikipedia page shows him

#MuellerIsComing: Trump, Roger Stone Associate, White Supremacist, Birther Jerome Corsi In Plea Negotiations

White supremacist and birther Jerome Corsi, an associate of Roger Stone and Donald Trump, confirmed on Friday that he is in talks with special counsel Robert Mueller about a plea deal.   Corsi said

Chief Justice John Roberts Blasts Traitor Trump For Attacking The Co-Equal Judiciary Branch Of Gov’t Repeatedly

Right wingers used to always talk about the Constitution. Not one of them has read it.  The chief justice of the United States and the president of the United States engaged in

DEMS Flip Another House Seat, Utah Congressman Mia Love Loses Reelection Bid To Ben McAdams

Democrat Ben McAdams has flipped a U.S. House seat in deep-red Utah, defeating incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Mia Love by fewer than 700 votes in a race that took two weeks to

Trump Sides With Terrorists Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family Over CIA, FBI, “We’re With Saudi Arabia’

Trump has no morals and runs a racist cult. President Donald Trump signaled Tuesday that he will not take strong action against Saudi Arabia or its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for

Trump Tried To Force US Justice Dept. To Prosecute Comey, Clinton, WH Counsel Told Him He Can’t Order That

President Trump told the White House counsel in the spring that he wanted to order the Justice Department to prosecute two of his political adversaries: his 2016 challenger, Hillary Clinton, and the