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Alt-Right Leader Vows To Take Down Trump And Republicans In Congress, “I Know About Your Pill-Popping, Mistresses And Orgies!”

Racists always turn on their benefactors, something you learn very early on growing up in the U.S. South, something Trump and most Americans throughout the country have no clue about.  When white

British Spies Were First To Link Trump’s Team With Russia, Has Turned Over Info. To CIA, FBI

Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen’s denials tipped off many in the U.S., but the British and even Aussies have been on to Trump’s team and their communications with Russia for years.   Britain’s spy

Trump Campaign Mgr. To Retroactively Register As Foreign Agent, For Pro-Russia Work In Ukraine, His Legal Troubles Just Got Serious

Trumpanzees are so stupid, they haven’t a clue what damage they have done to our nation by electing a racist clown with orange makeup with Russian ties.  And his recent foray into Syria

First Lady Melania Trump Settles With Daily Mail Parent Over “Call Girl” Story

The Trump family famously dishes out slander, but when it’s thrown back at them, they want to sue.  First Lady Melania Trump has settled her defamation lawsuit against Mail Media over a Daily

FBI Received FISA Warrant To Surveil Trump Campaign Adviser Carter Page, The Bar To Obtain Such A Warrant Is VERY HIGH

Carter Page can claim to be innocent all he wants, but anyone who knows about FBI and CIA work, can assure you, that a judge sets a very high bar for a

Trump Failed Modeling Agency Goes Belly Up Like All Of His Businesses, Closing Doors Immediately

Like all of Trump businesses, the conman is all smoke and mirrors and loud talk. No substance. The modeling agency founded by the Trump Organization is shuttering according to a source in

Most Presidents Get Bump After Bombing, Trump’s Syria Bombing Did Nothing To Raise His Approval, Maybe No. Korea’s Next?

Trump’s attempt at wagging the dog, failed as he has bad karma after years of racism and bigotry, and karma doesn’t pick favorites. It delivers justice fairly.  Trump did what many Presidents,

WH Insider, Neophyte K.T. McFarland, Who Was Not Qualified As A National Security Advisor Demoted, Heads To Embassy In Singapore

President Donald Trump’s deputy national security adviser, KT McFarland, has been asked to step down after just three months, US media say.  Ms McFarland, an ex-Fox News analyst, has been offered the

Trump ‘s Alt-Right Supporters Trend #FireKushner, Use Anti-Semitic Epithets To Attack His Son-In-Law

I would say Jared and Ivanka deserve what they are getting, for not standing up and standing against her father’s racism and bigotry. But sadly their Jewish kids will suffer now that

White House In Crisis, Not Even 100 Days In, Trump Considering Ousting Priebus And White Supremacist Bannon

Trump appears to be running the White House like his many bankrupted businesses, and the “so-called” Deep State is grandly beating him and watching him flail and fail.  President Trump is considering