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Birther-In-Chief Dealt A Colossal Failure With Trumpcare, Conning Racist Trumpanzees Just Got A Little More Difficult

Trump is nothing but a con artist and he got slapped in his face today by his own failed bragging and Paul Ryan.  Calling Presidents Obama and Bush, both morally superior and

After Colossal Failure, Trump Demands Friday Vote On Paul Ryan’s Plan, “Or Obamacare Stays”

After eight years of talking repeal, replace, it’s obvious the Republicans had only one mission, defy the first African American President, to hell with the American people, and they had no “replacement”

Budget Office Refuse Secret Service Request For Additional $60M To Protect Trumps On Lavish Weekly Trips

 U.S. Secret Service spending to provide security for the lavish and far-flung travel of President Trump and his family – including Trump’s now almost weekly trips to his Florida resort for presidential

FBI Has Uncovered Evidence Suggesting Coordination Between Trump Aides, Russia: REPORT

 Donald Trump opened a hot can of worms when his racism caused him to attack President Obama, though to Trump’s credit, a racist just can’t help themselves when it comes to being

McCain: Congress And Rep. Devin Nunes Don’t Have ‘Credibility’ To Handle Russia Probes

Congress no longer has the credibility to independently tackle a probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and President Trump and his associates’ ties to Moscow, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

Trump Campaign Chairman Failed To Disclose Secret $10M Contract He Signed To Represent Vladimir Putin’s Interests

The Trumpanzees are the same fools who supported against all evidence accusations against now disgraced comedian/actor Bill Cosby.  Seeing karma come around to these racist hypocrites who turned on their friends to

More Republicans Call For Trump, Who Is Under Criminal Investigation By The FBI, To Retract Obama Wiretap Lies

After racist Donald Trump lied on President Obama, who has left office, but a racist behaves the way Trump has, a growing roster of Republicans are calling on President Donald Trump to retract

Trump’s Labor Pick, Settled More Than 40 Underage Sex Cases With Trump’s Longtime Friend Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Make America Great Again? What exactly does that mean to Trumpanzees, most of which are so star struck over a reality TV star, who they don’t mind is a criminal, that nothing

Nixon White House Counsel Says, “Trump And His Staff Are In Cover-up Mode, Something Illegal Happened”

It was bound to happen, since Trump is the most criminal president in US history, even Richard Nixon couldn’t keep up with him in being a conman, and at least Nixon wasn’t

Trump Hits Keep Coming, Drops 220 Spots On Forbes Billionaires List, And Brand Seems Tarnished For Good

Trump never wanted to be our President, and he’s not presidential or honest or ethical or moral. He is a revolting racist, and it has taken its toll on his brand, once