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Russian Hackers Access RNC Contractor’s Files, Nearly 200 Million Americans’ Private Info. Stolen

Racist conman Trump said the RNC computer systems were stellar. Apparently his Russian boyfriend Vladimir Putin is laughing again today at the buffoon.  Personal information for more than 198 million American voters

Michael Flynn Secretly Worked With Foreign Cyberweapons Group That Sold Spyware Used Against Political Dissidents

As always, it must be prefaced, that Trump is not only a conman, a liar and a racist, but a criminal, and criminals surround themselves in power around other criminals.  While serving as

Bomb-Thrower Ann Coulter Goes On Twitter Rampage Against Trump, Suggesting “President Pence Build A Wall’

One thing Trump doesn’t realize, racists always turn on their benefactors. Those who pander and support or defend them, can expect the racists to eventually turn on them. And one in particular

Trump’s Second Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Violated Ethics Laws, Also Being Investigated For Practicing In Washington, DC Without A License

Donald Trump is a criminal and therefore all around him are also criminals, including his lawyers, one of which had to hire a lawyer today and his second one will as well.

Trump’s Digital Director Brad Parscale, Now Under Investigation For Russia Connections On Social Media Targeting During Election

The House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into possible ties between President Trump’s election campaign and Russia may soon expand to include another Trump campaign official.   Brad Parscale, the digital director of Trump’s 2016

Longtime Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Hires Criminal Attorney To Represent Him In Russia Probe

Trump’s attorneys don’t get paid, so he generally has really bad ones.  None  worse than New York City slicker Michael Cohen.  Racist President Donald Trump’s longtime attorney and adviser Michael Cohen has

AP Poll: 6 In 10 Americans Believed Trump Obstructed Justice, Approval Down To 35%, Disapproval Up 64%

There comes a time when a racist conman can’t fool anyone but his base, racists and star struck people who are the same as the ones who believed Bill Cosby when over

Mueller Investigating Jared Kushner’s Business Dealings, And Yes, That’s What Sent His Daddy To Federal Prison

The business dealings of President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and trusted aide Jared Kushner are being investigated by Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller, the Washington Post reported Thursday, citing officials familiar with

Pathological Liar US Atty. General Jeff Sessions, “Just Earned A Ticket To Go Before The Grand Jury” Says Former Justice Dept. Official

An official who worked at the Department of Justice under the Obama administration has said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent testimony to Senate lawmakers likely “earned him a ticket to a

Another Reason To Love Australia, AU Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Caught On Audio Mocking Trump

The Aussies are classy people, and we now have another reason to love them!  Footage of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull comically mimicking President Donald Trump at a private event has been leaked