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#MuellerTime: Bob Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization Documents, Trump Is Furious

Special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed the Trump Organization for business documents. The New York Times, which first reported the development, said the subpoena included documents related to Russia. The reports mark

Desperate Trump Campaign Mgr. Manafort Asks DC Federal Judge To Dismiss Five Federal Felony Charges

Law and Order conman Trump surrounds himself with liars, racists and criminals.  Paul Manafort has asked a federal judge in DC to dismiss the five criminal charges against him, arguing that special

Pathological Liar, Conman Ben Carson’s Emails Contradict His Claims “I Don’t Know Nothing About The Dining Room Set”

Ben Carson, the secretary of housing and urban development, and his wife were directly involved in selecting a $31,000 custom mahogany dining room set for his office — contrary to Mr. Carson’s

Trump’s Porn Star Mistress Stormy Daniels Gets Hearing Date Set In Lawsuit, Set For Sunday’s ’60 Minutes’

A hearing date has been set for the lawsuit adult film actress Stormy Daniels filed against President Donald Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen’s company to dissolve their non-disclosure agreement.  The hearing

Democrat Lamb Claims Victory In RED Pennsylvania District, No DEM Has Won In Decades, Trump Won By 19.6 Points

Trump will be the GOP’s undoing. His overt racism is as sickening as it has been for those of us having to deal with racists for a lifetime. He pretends to be

Fox Rape Channel Sued by DNC Staffer Seth Rich’s Parents Over “Exploitation” of His Death

The grieving parents of murdered Capitol Hill staffer Seth Rich are suing Fox News for emotional distress, claiming its coverage of the crime painted their son as a traitor and has prevented them

Hours After Rex Tillerson Accused Russia Of Poisoning British Citizens, Racist Trump Fires The Secy. Of State

Racist President Donald Trump has reportedly asked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to leave his post, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.  CIA Director Mike Pompeo will replace him. Trump reportedly asked Tillerson

White House In Crisis: Racist Trump’s Personal Asst. John McEntee, Fired, Escorted Off Grounds

President Donald Trump’s personal assistant, John McEntee, was escorted out of the White House on Monday, two senior administration officials said. The cause of the firing was an unspecified security issue, said

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Supports Robert Mueller, He Is “Not An Unguided Missile”

WASHINGTON — Despite unrelenting criticism from the White House on the course of the investigation into Russia’s election interference, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Monday offered unqualified support for the Honorable special counsel

Trump’s Incompetent Legal Team Trying To Keep CBS From Airing Interview With His Porn Star Mistress

The CBS News program “60 Minutes” was moving forward with plans to show an interview it conducted last week with the pornographic film actress who says she had an affair with Donald