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Trump Attacks After White Supremacist Ally Steve Bannon Calls Trump Tower Meeting, “Treasonous, Unpatriotic”

President Trump unleashed on his former chief strategist and campaign manager Wednesday, issuing a long and unusual statement questioning Stephen K. Bannon’s mental stability, honesty and political influence.“Steve Bannon has nothing to

Following Scathing Rebuke By Conservative Utah Paper, Sen. Orrin Hatch Decides Not To Run For Re-Election

Following Utah’s largest conservative paper’s rebuke of the senile politician, U.S. Republican Senator Orrin Hatch said on Tuesday he will not seek re-election in November, opening the door to a potential Senate bid by

Chief Justice Roberts Plans Changes In 2018 Of How The Judicial Branch Handles Sexual Abuse Cases Of Their Employees

Sexual harassment and abuse has taken front and center position in America and although some are misusing this opportunity, change is necessary.  Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts announced in an annual

Diplomats Tipped Off FBI Of Drunk, Bragging Trumpanzee George Papadopoulos In Aussie Bar Talking “Russia/Trump”

 Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos told an Australian diplomat in May 2016 that Russia had political dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the New York Times reported on Saturday.  

Moron Marco Rubio Now Admits, “GOP Tax Bill Probably Went Too Far On Corporate Giveaways”

Many right wingers forget that after President Reagan’s drastic, outlandish tax cut, just one year later, he had to raise taxes when the deficit skyrocketed. When he went into office in 1980,

Alabama Democrat Doug Jones Officially Declared Winner Over Religious Zealot Roy Moore After Lawsuit Rejected

Democrat Doug Jones’ historic victory over Republican Roy Moore was declared official Thursday as Alabama election officials certified him the winner of the special Senate election earlier this month, despite claims of

Mueller Prosecutors, Grand Jury Zeroing In On Jared Kushner, RNC’s Digital Operation In Possible Coordination With Russians

Special counsel Robert Mueller has begun to question Republican National Committee staffers about the party’s 2016 campaign data operation, which helped President Donald Trump’s campaign team target voters in critical swing states. Two

Trump, Lawyers Now To Cast Michael Flynn As A “Liar,” Since He’s Talking To Mueller, Flynn’s Bro. Begs For Pardon

As Flynn’s brother begs Trump for a pardon, the Trump team is now ready to steamroll Mike Flynn and cast doubt on his credibility. Yes, gasp, this is the same buffoon president

Sexual Assault Complaint Filed Against Former Trump Aide Corey Lewandowski By Aunt Jemima Joy Villa

A singer and potential congressional candidate says she has filed a sexual assault complaint against President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager for hitting her twice on her buttocks during a Washington gathering

Federal Prosecutors Said To Seek Kushner Family Records From Deutsche Bank, Known To Launder Russian Money

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have sought bank records about entities associated with the family company of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, according to four people briefed on the matter.