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#LockHerUp: Trump’s Daughter Ivanka Used Personal Email For Official Government Business While In White House

Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and a top White House adviser, sent hundreds of emails about government business from a personal email account last year, Highlight Hollywood confirms. The emails were sent to White

Pres. Nixon, Pres. Reagan Created Powerful GOP Districts In Calif., Racist Trumpism Killed Them In 2018 Midterm

California Republicans are real conservatives. Somehow the GOP has been overtaken by Southern hillbillies who pretend they are tea partiers when a black man is in the White House, only to become

After Blaming Fire Victims, Trump To Visit California To Console Fire Victims

President Donald Trump will visit California Saturday to comfort victims of the catastrophic wildfires that took dozens of lives and destroyed hundreds of homes, the White House announced Thursday.   The announcement

Text Messages Show Roger Stone And Friend Discussing WikiLeaks Plans For Election

Six days before WikiLeaks began releasing Secretary Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails, Roger Stone had a text message conversation with a friend about WikiLeaks, according to copies of phone records

Trump Friend Roger Stone Under New Mueller Investigation For Witness Intimidation

Special counsel Robert Mueller  is reportedly looking into whether former informal Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone attempted to intimidate a man whom Stone has claimed served as a back channel to WikiLeaks.   The Wall

Trump Reassigns Mira Ricardel, The Deputy National Security Adviser “Close Friend,” Melania Wanted Fired

Deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel, who Melania Trump believes got a “little too close to her husband” Donald Trump,  will move to a new position in the Trump administration, a day

CNN Sues White House, Trump And Six Aides Including john Kelly And Sarah HuckaBilly Over Press Pass Suspension

Highlight Hollywood reported on Sunday that our sources confirmed that CNN would be suing Trump and the White House.  CNN is fighting back agaist the wannabe-dictator and racist Trump.  CNN filed suit on

Blue Wave Continues: Democrats Flip Outgoing Jeff Flake’s Arizona US Senate Seat With Sinema Victory

Trump runs a racist cult and as Jeb Bush and John Kasich warned, “he’ll destroy the Republican party, if he wins.” Well, he won, and the damage is underway.  Democratic Rep. Kyrsten

Roger Stone Pal Jerome Corsi, A Racist Birther Says Mueller Will Indict Him For Perjury

Jerome Corsi, a crack-pot right-wing conspiracy theorist (sounds like Donald Trump),  and associate of Roger Stone, says he expects to be indicted for perjury as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation

Trump Uses Military As Political Prop, Pres. And Vice Pres. The First Not To Attend Any Veterans Day Events

Our so-called President Trump is spending Monday at the White House and had no plans to visit Arlington National Cemetery in northern Virginia as America observes the Veterans Day holiday.  The truth