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Trump Revealed As Third Person In Room At Tabloid Meeting For “Criminal Conspiracy” To Cover Up Affairs

Donald Trump was the third person in the room in August 2015 when his lawyer Michael Cohen and National Enquirer publisher David Pecker  Michael Cohen and  discussed ways Pecker could help counter negative stories

Dow Plunges 1,150 Points This Week, Following Trump’s Lies About China Trade War And Tariffs

China will wait our racist criminal president, aka: #Individual1 out and watch our economy crumble, because China knows Putin owns Trump and he owes the Saudis hundreds of millions.    Worries about

GOP Pastor Who Ran For Congress, Hired “Person Of Interest” In Election Fraud Case In No. Carolina

North Carolina’s board of elections named political consultant Leslie McCrae Dowless as a person of interest on Friday amid a probe of possible absentee ballot fraud in a disputed U.S. congressional election.

Trump’s Illegal Immigrant Housekeeper, “Tired Of Abuse” Comes Forward, “I Clean His Rooms, Change His Sheets”

Trumpanzees are racist fools who have all fallen for a reality TV clown/conman. He has more illegal immigrants working for his dirty hotels than anyone else. Half of the hotels are only

Racist Trump, GOP Silent While No. Carolina Republican, Preacher Credibly Accused, Being Investigated For Voter Fraud

The karma for racists like Trump is coming.  After lying about voter fraud and led by a racist like Trump, the GOP is now caught in voter fraud.   It was a triumphant

Kellyanne’s Husband George Conway Blasts Trump For Having Unprotected Sex With Porn Star While Melania Was Pregnant

The Trumps have Evangelical Christians in their cult and for good reason. The truth is, Protestants in the Bible Belt secretly live the lives Trump lives in public.  On Monday, Eric Trump

Trump Official Under Investigation For Plea Deal With Trump Friend, Epstein Who Raped Dozens of Underage Girls

Racist, rapist Trump is soon to be exposed, but he’s not the only one. The Royal Family are being dragged back into the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal, as a photo of the