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WWE Boss Linda McMahon to Exit Trump Administration’s Small Business Administration Dept.

The head of the Small Business Administration, Linda McMahon, is expected to announce that she is stepping down from the role. That’s according to a senior administration official who was not authorized

Trump’s Unqualified Fed Nominee Owes Over $75,000.00 In Back Taxes With The IRS From 2014, Lien Applied To Property

Everyone around Trump is a racist and a criminal and his cult following the same.  It never fails, anyone he nominates is as  deplorable as he is.   The U.S. government is claiming

Jon Voight, Mike Huckabee to Become Trump Presidential Appointees

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he will appoint Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight to the board of trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for the remainder of a

Deutsche Bank Providing Trump Financial Records For House Investigation

The chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee said Tuesday that Deutsche Bank has begun providing records of its dealings with Donald Trump for the panel’s probe into the president’s finances.   Rep.

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Says Don’t Be Fooled, “Damaging Information On Trump In Mueller Report”

George Conway, a lawyer married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, argued Tuesday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report must have “something pretty damning in it” if it could not exonerate President

Michael Avenatti Charged By Federal Prosecutors In NYC With Attempting To Extort Nike For $20 million

The bulldog Southern California lawyer was arrested Monday for threatening to smear Nike’s reputation if the sneaker company didn’t cough up more than $20 million.   The loudmouth litigator who made his

Republican Ann Coulter Says, So What On Mueller Probe, “Trump Is A Conman Who Doesn’t Keep His Word”

As I witnessed daily growing up in the Bible Belt South. Racists always turn on their benefactors. Trump and his supporters will all learn that.  They will eventually destroy one another.  

DEM Mayor Pete Buttigieg Surges To Third Place In New Iowa Poll

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has jumped to third place in a new poll of the Ioawa caucus released Sunday, which ranked support for Democratic 2020 presidential candidates.   Taking 11 percent, Buttigieg, who

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Blasts Sarah Huckabee, Tells Her To Learn To Spell And “Mueller Didn’t Exonerate Trump”

George Conway on Sunday mocked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders by asking her to “fix” a tweet declaring complete exoneration for President Trump. “You misspelled ‘While this report does not conclude that

Democrats Threaten To Subpoena The Mueller Report If Barr Doesn’t Fully Release It

Within minutes of receiving notification that special counsel Robert Mueller had turned over his finalized report  on the Russia investigation, congressional Democrats were calling for the report to be fully released, including the