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Johnny Depp’s Managers Claim In Court Documents, Star LIED About Australia Quarantine Incident, “He Just Believes He’s Above The Law”

As then candidate Trump said on the “Access Hollywood” tape, now notorious and well-known, “I can grab women by the ****y, and when you are a celebrity, they let you get away with

Johnny Depp’s Managers Claim He Abused Wife Amber Heard Physically, And They Actually Tried To Cover It Up During Divorce

Johnny Depp‘s former business managers are alleging the actor physically abused his ex-wife Amber Heard,  and knowingly tried to cover it up on at least one occasion. “Mandel was informed well after

Listen Live On Saturday Night To ‘That’s Entertainment’ Online, Tommy Lightfoot Garrett Is Host Kevin Trask’s Special Guest

It’s that time again! Summer Solstice in North America, that means it’s Winter down in Oz, and also the weekend that our editor Tommy Lightfoot Garrett catches up with beloved Melbourne, Australia

University of Missouri For The First Time Ever, Revokes Disgraced Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree, 25 Others Also Rescinded

Bill Cosby may be lucky enough to find misogynistic and fanatic jurors to keep him out of prison, but he won’t return to the public sphere so easily and find everyone believing

Comedian Bill Dana, Who Played the Character Jose Jimenez, Dies at 92

Bill Dana, who created and starred as the earnest character at the center of the “My Name … Jose Jimenez” routine that made him one of America’s most beloved comic performers of

Charlie Sheen Sued (Again) For Exposing Ex-Girlfriend To HIV

An ex-girlfriend of  Charlie Sheen has filed a lawsuit accusing him of exposing her to HIV,  and then dissuading her from taking antiretroviral drugs. Neither Sheen nor the ex-girlfriend are identified by name

Disgusting Male Cosby Rape Trial Juror, Says Accuser “Should Have Dressed Properly”

The idiot fanatics who defended Bill Cosby, especially women should be ashamed of themselves. As a male juror happily makes Cosby’s sick defense for him, calling out Ms. Constand in claiming she

‘B&B’ Star Patrika Darbo Appears At ‘Samantha’s Friends Presents Black Diamonds’ Next Month In Florida

Patrika Darbo (Shirley) will be appearing at the “Samantha’s Friends Presents Black Diamonds” on Saturday and Sunday, July 8 and 9 at the Lakewood Ranch Country Club in Bradenton, Florida.  Samantha’s Friends

Johnny Depp Apologizes For Disgusting Donald Trump “Assassination” Joke

 Our country has embraced a racist, crude moron, whose father paid for his degree, evidenced by his fourth grade vocabulary at his KKK rallies. But, Americans do not believe in removing Presidents

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey No Longer Has Political Aspirations, Tech Billionaire Now Too Savvy To Enter That Ring Of Hell

Ronald Reagan once told me that every American boy wanted to be a movie star or the US President. He achieved both obviously, but politics since the 2016 election has gone downhill