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Florida Wildfires: Mandatory Evacuations Ordered For Central, Southern Florida

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott came to Southwest Florida on Saturday to address the public in regards to the devastating wildfire more than 5,500-acres in Collier County.  Crews from multiple agencies from in and outside

Scientists Discover “Habitable” Super-Earth, Which They Believe May Host Life Under Its Surface

According to new research published in Nature, a newly discovered “super-Earth” sits just 39 light-years away in another solar system — and scientists are dubbing it one of the best exoplanets to

#NoFunForElephants Kansas City Renaissance Fest Ends Elephant Rides Fro Abusive Co. Citing Patrons’ Concerns, ADI Confirmed

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival has cancelled their elephant rides, citing the concerns of their valued patrons’ “countless letters, phone calls and Facebook messages asking to end this outdated ride.” Animal Defenders

Canadian Comic Artist Refused Entry To The U.S. For Convention, Due To Insane Trump Administration

A beloved Canadian comic book artist whose work has been published by Archie Comics, IDW Publishing and Marvel, was denied accessed to the United States to attend this weekend’s C2E2 comic convention

Hollywood Reacts To King Of The Hypocrites, Fox Rape Channel’s Phony Bill O’Reilly’s Downfall

  Bill O’Reilly and Fox Rape Channel have brainwash a bunch of religious racists and have gotten damn rich doing so. Aussie Rupert Murdoch and the Saudi royal family created Fox to

United Removes Engaged Couple On Flight To Costa Rica Where They Were To Be Married

An engaged couple flying on United Airlines from Houston, Texas, to their wedding in Costa Rica were removed by a federal law enforcement officer from the flight on Saturday amid disputed circumstances,

The School Administrators Acknowledge Sexual Abuse at Prestigious Private School Choate Went On For Over Five Decades

Choate Rosemary Hall, an elite boarding school in Wallingford, Conn., has finally acknowledged decades of sexual abuse by former teachers against the students entrusted to their care in a report on Thursday.The

‘Their Finest’ A World War II Film That Barry Rubin Believes Is Worthy

“Their Finest” is a film about life in wartime England and how the country’s Ministry of War sought to produce a film for its audiences at home and overseas in order to

One Killed, Three Injured In Shooting Aboard Atlanta Metro

A man opened fire aboard a moving Atlanta metro train on Thursday, killing one man and wounding three other passengers before the suspected gunman was arrested at the next station, a police

Paramount Studios And Neighborhood Surrounding The Iconic Studio Affected By Power Outage

A massive power outage in Los Angeles’ Hollywood neighborhood left Paramount Pictures in the dark on Wednesday.   The iconic movie studio lot was down for at least a few hours, and was