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Australian Actress Natalie Mendoza Adds To The Claims Harvey Weinstein Groped Her

Australian actress Natalie Mendoza opened up about allegedly being groped by Harvey Weinstein in a couple of Facebook posts, according to a report Saturday in Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper.   Mendoza says

15 Wine Country Fires, Death Toll Rises To 40, 5,700 Structures Destroyes, 220,000 Acres Burned

As the death toll rose to 40, firefighters struggled to get the upper hand against several massive wildfires that have ravaged Northern California for almost a week. The winds that bedeviled firefighters

Death Toll From Northern California Wildfires Jumps To 35; 5,700 Structures Destroyed, Hundreds Still Are Missing

The devastating toll from the Northern California wildfires continued to rise Friday as officials said that an estimated 5,700 structures were destroyed and that at least 35 people died. Firefighters continued to gain

Mississippi Resident Sees An “Enormous” Black Panther Roaming A Field Near Wendy’s, (VIDEO)

Just in time for Halloween season, a Mississippi man captured some unsettling footage of a monster-sized feline roaming in a grassy field near a popular fast food restaurant.  David Sluder told WREG that he

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Week Of Oct. 16 – 20, Bombshells Are Revealed And Liam’s Grip On Power Begins To Crack

Next week on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” everything comes out, well, not everything, but a few major bombshell secrets are revealed.   Monday, October 16, 2017                                   Episode #7694 Quinn

British Actress Sophie Dix Speaks Out On Harvey Weinstein Harassment When She Was 22-Years-Old

The truth is finally flooding out on Harvey Weinstein.  A British actress has come forward to level sexual harassment allegations against ousted Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, bringing the number up to at

California Wildfires Death Toll Now At 31, Making It The Deadliest Week Of Wildfires In State’s History, End Not Even Close

Firefighters began to gain ground on Thursday against wildfires that have killed at least 31 people in Northern California and left hundreds missing in the chaos of mass evacuations in the heart of

21 Northern California Fire’s Devastating Toll, 29 Dead, One-Thousand People Missing, Thousands Displaced

The winds fanning wildfires in Northern California’s wine-country have calmed, for now, giving firefighters a badly needed break from the “red flag” conditions that have made this menacing arc of flames so deadly and destructive. 

Northern California Wine Country Fires: 23 Dead, 600+ Missing, 3,500 Structures Burned

Wildfires tearing through Northern California’s wine country flared up again Wednesday, destroying hundreds more structures and leading to new evacuation orders as authorities raised the death toll to 23. Officials confirmed the

Death Toll Up To 21 In Wine Country Fires, Evacuations Expand, Chilling Warning From Fire Chief, “It Will Merge Into Massive Fire”

The death toll rose to 21 in the devastating wildfires in Northern California wine country and surrounding communities, as officials feared that even larger conflagrations might be formed by merging fires.   New