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Trump says ‘Major, Major’ Military Conflict With North Korea Possible, Empathizes With 27-Year-Old Dictator

We have never had such a nut running our country, who praises and loves dictators, and is virtually “in love” with Putin and who is a criminal, a racist and birther. .

German Soldier Posed As A Syrian Refuge To Plan Attacks Against Police, To Set Up Refugees, Who He Hated, Authorities Say

Police have arrested a German soldier who had posed as a Syrian refugee on suspicion he was planning an attack, apparently motivated by anti-foreigner sentiment, in a case that German prosecutors said

US Air Force Conducts Midnight Missile Test Off California Central Coast To Show North Korea Nuclear Deterrent Capability

An unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile was launched just after midnight Wednesday from Vandenberg Air Force Base as part of an operational test to show the country’s nuclear deterrent capability, according to a

Karma: Wild Boars Overrun Islamic State (ISIS) Position, Kill 3 Terrorists

Maybe they should start eating pork?  Karma is real! Three Islamic State militants setting up an ambush in a bitterly contested area of northern Iraq were killed by a herd of stampeding

Days After Trump Called Turkey’s Dictator, Turkish Air Force Bombing US Allies, The Kurds In Iraq And Syria

Flynn accepted over a half million dollars from Turkey, with direct ties to Russia and Putin in just two months last year, while he was advising the head of the KKK, Donald

North Korea Detains Third U.S. Citizen

Yet another Evangelical lunatic heads into a country that they should stay out of. North Korea detained a U.S. citizen on Saturday as he attempted to leave the country, bringing the total number

China Asks US’s Man-Baby To Show Restraint, As Trump Sends Carrier Group Into Korean Waters, To Distract From Putin/Russia Issues

President Trump is ill-prepared to be a US President, and that’s why his approval ratings are under water. Had the Democrats had a better candidate, he would not be in the White

Happy Birthday Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Turns 91 Today

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her 91st birthday today, and Buckingham Palace have shared a special photo of her to mark the occasion.  The Royal Family’s official Twitter account shared a black and white

After Helping Trump, Putin Against Clinton, Trump Stabs Julian Assange In The Back, To Seek Arrest Of WikiLeaks Founder

Karma is delicious, even if it’s a racist buffoon delivering it.  Julian Assange is nothing but an actor for Russia’s Putin. He doesn’t mind leaking anything about Australia, the U.S. or the

Putin And Russia Warn Trump They Have An “Electronic Bomb” To Wipe Out The Entire U.S. Navy

 Trump’s Russian boyfriend is peeved with him.  After Russia and China sent a spy ship to monitor the U.S. Navy near North Korea, Russia now claims it can disable the entire US Navy in