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U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert Stable After Madman Slashes His Face And Wrist In South Korea, Highlight Hollywood News

U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert is in stable condition after a man screaming demands for a unified North and South Korea slashed him on the face and wrist with a knife, South Korean police

Hunters Find Baby Woolly Rhino In Frozen Ice In Siberia, Highlight Hollywood News

In September, two hunters boating down a stream in Siberia noticed some wavy, auburn locks poking out of the permafrost—a dead reindeer, they thought. After realizing their mistake, they liberated the rhino’s

Oldest Human Fossil Found, 2.8 Million Years Old, Redrawing Family Tree, Report, Highlight Hollywood News

Rare and new evidence of  two fossil jaws described Wednesday cast a fused beam of light on one of the darkest mysteries in human evolution: the origin of our genus Homo. The

‘Under The Dome’ Documentary On China’s Horrific Air Quality Becomes Most Watched Story In China Within Hours, Highlight Hollywood News

Prior to our economy, the best in the world turning around, the right wing radio jocks and Fox News were telling Americans to envy China. Well, you can do as you wish,

The Siberian Crater Possibly Connected To Global Warming, Russian Scientists Theorize, Highlight Hollywood News

At the end of last summer came news of a bizarre occurrence no one could explain. It was a massive crater that just one day showed up. Early estimates placed it at nearly

Gerbils Replace Rats As The Cause Of The Black Plague In Europe’s Dark Ages, Highlight Hollywood News

Scientists believe repeat epidemics of the Black Death, which arrived in Europe in the mid-14th Century, instead trace back to gerbils originally from Asia.  Prof Nils Christian Stenseth, from the University of

Largest Christian Book Chain In U.S. Files For Bankruptcy, Highlight Hollywood News

Family Christian Stores, the largest chain of Christian bookstores in the U.S., has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to a report in THR.  The chain says it has no plans to

Lonely Monkey Finds His Val-entine, An Embrace With Valerie Ends A Lifetime Of Loneliness For Rescued Pepe, Highlight Hollywood News

The tale of Pepe, a spider monkey rescued from a circus in world-famous holiday destination Cusco, by Los Angeles-based Animal Defenders International (ADI) has gripped animal lovers around the world.    

Rupert Murdoch And 21ST Century Fox Will Not Be Prosecuted By U.S. Justice Dept., As It Was By Great Britain’s, Highlight Hollywood News

Fox News sure wastes a lot of time slandering Eric Holder. But, then again, we know why they do.  That being said, Holder proves to be the better man, over and over

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Sells $188M Of His Fox News Stock, Report, Highlight Hollywood News

Guess the Saudis are tiring of playing both sides with Fox News. They make a living off of right-wing bigots in America, but their employees are always preaching Muslim hatred.  Frankly the