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His Holiness Pope Francis Welcomes Martin Scorsese To The Vatican

His Holiness Pope Francis met with Martin Scorsese on Wednesday morning before his weekly public audience.  The Oscar-winning director was in Rome to present his new film Silence, about 17th-century Portuguese Jesuit missionaries

Giving Tuesday Celebration Is Great News For Animals

In celebration of Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving back, Kind Traveler has launched “Double Your Impact” benefiting Animal Defenders International (ADI) and the animals it tirelessly works to save. When

Brazilian Soccer Team’s Plane Crashes In Colombia; 75 Dead

A chartered plane carrying a Brazilian soccer team to the biggest match of its history crashed into a Colombian hillside and broke into pieces, killing 75 people and leaving six survivors, Colombian

Queen Elizabeth’s Beloved First Cousin And Closest Confidante Margaret Rhodes Dies At 91

The Queen’s first cousin and one of her most trusted confidantes, Margaret Rhodes, has died aged 91.  Mrs Rhodes, whose aunt was the Queen Mother, died on Friday after a short illness,

Putin’s Aide Creates Holocaust-Themed Skating Performance, Which Sparks Outrage (Video)

If it is one thing Russia has in common with us, it’s crazy scary leaders. They have Putin and we have Putin and Trump. A smiling, playful and yet poignant ice skating performance

His Holiness Pope Francis Makes Major Change In Roman Catholic Church’s Handling Of Abortion

Women around the who have had abortions can be forgiven by all Catholic priests, Pope Francis wrote in a letter published on Monday. The announcement is a continuation of a special dispensation he granted to clergymen

Researchers Identify Nearly 200 US Based Sites That Are Disseminating False News Stories That Originate In The Russian Government

For the past eight years I have tirelessly and sadly failed miserably at warning Americans to stop sharing what is so obvious to me, “fake news.” Intelligence officials that I have known

Former Cuban Leader Fidel Castro Dies Aged 90

The Cuban dictator lived just long enough to watch America devolve into his type of nation and elect a buffoon and dictator ourselves.  Never to be outdone, we certainly had to dabble

Reps. Ryan Costello And Raúl Grijalva Launch Bill To End Wild Animal Circus Suffering

Animal Defenders International (ADI) applauds Reps Ryan Costello (R-PA-06) and Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) on their introduction today of the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA) which will see an end

Melania Fails To Stop Twitter-Thuggery, Trump’s Tweet Quickly Rejected By UK, Uncle Ben Wants Cabinet Pos. Now

Melania Trump claimed in her fake speech weeks ago that she would work as First Lady of the United States to stop cyberbullying, and everyone laughed in hysterics since her husband is