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Sept. 9, 2015, Queen Elizabeth Surpasses Queen Victoria As Britain’s Longest Ruling Monarch, Highlight Hollywood News

Amazingly for a woman who was almost not Queen, she will even surpass her great grandmother, as the longest ruling monarch in British history.   Queen Elizabeth II will become Britain’s longest-reigning monarch on

Famed Filmmaker Christopher Nolan To Headline London Film Festival Talks, Cate Blanchett To Receive Highest Honor, Highlight Hollywood News

This year’s BFI London Film Festival is going to be the hot ticket for the autumn film fest circuit.   Four of the gala screenings have already been announced, and on Thursday it

Convicted Child Rapist Roman Polanski Set To Appear In Polish Court Next Month For U.S. Extradition, Highlight Hollywood News

After years of avoiding prison and being a fugitive from the law,  Polish court has set a date for famed filmmaker Roman Polanski‘s next extradition hearing.  The 82-year-old Oscar-winning director is due

Ashley Madison Adultery Website Users Are Open To Not Only Typical Scams, But Extortion And Blackmail, REPORT, Highlight Hollywood News

First, members of the adultery website Ashley Madison had their personal information unveiled to the world by hackers. Now, a bigger threat looms, according to a report in the New York Times,

Baby Panda Dies Days After Birth At National Zoo, One Still Thriving, Highlight Hollywood News

One of the two panda cubs born this weekend at the National Zoo has died, the zoo said Wednesday.  “We are sad to report that the smaller of the two panda cubs

Moscow Premiere Film Festival Canceled After Government Pulls Funding, Highlight Hollywood News

While Americans whine for “political” reasons, that our country is in decline, which is nothing but a bold faced lie every politician looking for power delivers to a very naïve American public.

Stop Circus Animal Suffering – Protests Set For Friday, Aug. 28 In Lexington, Kentucky, ADI Pres. Confirmed, Highlight Hollywood News

Animal Defenders International (ADI) is calling on the local community to stay away from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and avoid supporting an industry that involves cruelty and suffering

Panda Mei Xiang Surprises Zookeepers! Overnight She Gave Birth To Another Baby, Twin PANDAS! Highlight Hollywood News

Hey, you can’t blame this one on the media. Sure, we are all trying to be the first to break news, and on Saturday we broke the news that a baby panda

Meet The Three American Heroes Praised For Stopping Terrorist On Paris-Bound Train, (PHOTOS), Highlight Hollywood News

Three Americans are receiving high praise rightly so, after they helped stop a gunman while on board a high-speed train headed from Amsterdam to Paris on Friday, Aug. 21.  Childhood friends Anthony

Famous French Actor Jean-Hugues Anglade On Heroic US Marines, “Without Them, We Would All Be Dead,” Highlight Hollywood News

Unlike politicians, I always support the troops, and don’t use them for popularity. They are truly heroes in America, and thankfully France is grateful for our heroic marines, who saved countless lives