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Report: Russia Has Video Of Trump With Russian “Prostitutes” Doing Very “Kinky” Things While Married

Hours after Buzzfeed posted an article about Donald Trump with embarrassing claims involving prostitutes and urination, the President-elect lashed out on Twitter, declaring the situation “FAKE NEWS.”  But an intelligence official has confirmed

Russian Hackers Claim To Have “Compromising Information” On Trump, Who Is In Love With Putin, But For How Long?

Putin sadly played President George W. Bush, who now at least sees him as the evil monster that he is.  But racist Trump has fawned over the ruthless murderous dictator, but for

U.S. Intercepts Capture Putin And Senior Russian Officials Celebrating Trump Win On Election Night

Putin knows that clown Trump is a joke and no match for him, and Americans have elected very dangerous if not treasonous leader for our nation.  Senior officials in the Russian government

Israeli Fraud Cops Visit The Dick Cheney Of Israel, Netanyahu Under Criminal Investigation

Fox Nuts Channel and right wing Protestants have been bombarded with propaganda to stand up for this crooked monster, but he’s not fooling his own people. Americans are the easiest people to

Deranged Trump Threatens Delusional Dictator Of No. Korea On Twitter Over Nukes

Racist and confessed sexual assaulter U.S. President-elect Donald Trump tweeted on Monday that he would not tolerate fresh signs of North Korean nuclear aggression.  Two delusional nutcases with nukes won’t end peacefully

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, 90, Misses New Year’s Church Service As She Continues To Battle Illness

Queen Elizabeth II did not attend church on New Year’s Day on Sunday after missing her annual trip to Christmas mass for the first time in decades due to a heavy cold.  Keep the Queen in

His Holiness Pope Francis Offers Brilliant Message: “Help The Youth” In The New Year

Whether you are Catholic or not, the message Pope Francis offered on New Year’s Day is a message we should all listen to.  Pope Francis spent his last hours of 2016 in

At Least 35 Killed In Istanbul, Turkey Nightclub Attack On New Year’s Eve

At least one gunman shot his way into an Istanbul nightclub packed with hundreds of New Year’s revelers on Sunday, killing 35 people and wounding more than 40 in what the provincial

Leonardo DiCaprio Says “Climate Action Is America’s Biggest Economic Opportunity”

Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio is taking racist President-elect Donald Trump to task on the topic of climate change. At this month’s United Nations Correspondents Association awards ceremony, DiCaprio called out a

Putin And Russia Hacked A Vermont Utility, Hours After Trump And Trumpanzees Praise The Murdering Dictator

It’s disgraceful we live in a nation with a racist President-elect and a bunch of racist Trumpanzees who place more respect over a brutal murderer in Putin than they do their own