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Scientists Discover Another Tattoo On Ötzi The Ancient Iceman, Highlight Hollywood News

Italian researchers and scientists were shocked to find another tattoo on the ancient iceman Otzi, bringing his total number of tats to 61. This strange new tattoo was discovered on the rib

Christian Zealots In Ireland Steal ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prop, Leaves Wooden Cross In Its Place, Highlight Hollywood News

If anyone has no historical context. Not until the  late 1990s did Ireland (a Christian nation), stop being a terrorist state, and also, that’s where Muslim extremists learned that terrorism does actually

‘Game Of Thrones’ Child Star Maisie Williams Protests Japan’s Dolphin Cull In Trafalgar Square, London, Highlight Hollywood News

Maisie Williams portrays long suffering teen in Westeros Arya Stark, where the character has witnessed her father’s beheading, saw the remnants of her brother’s body following the infamous Red Wedding, where also

Fascinating (PHOTOS) Emerge Of Russian Romanovs, 100-Years After Family Assassinated By Communists, Including Anastasia, Highlight Hollywood News

Stunning newly found images of the Russian imperial family have emerged nearly 100 years to the date they were taken.  The Romanov portraits were shot between 1915 and 1916, only months before

Aussie Rupert Murdoch, Blasts Islam, However Fox News Is Co-Owned By Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, Highlight Hollywood News

Rupert Murdoch, an Aussie, who tried to destroy Great Britain’s political system, and has brainwashed so many Americans sadly with Fox News. Somehow doesn’t consider his Muslim business partner a problem. Yes,

#FreeSpeech Charlie Hebdo To Publish One Million Copies Next Week, Highlight Hollywood Stands With France

Following Wednesday’s terrorist attack at its offices in Paris, satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo has vowed to come back stronger, with 1 million copies printed next week, and free speech advocates around the world,

One Suspect Killed, Two Arrested In French Magazine Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack, #FreeSpeechLives Highlight Hollywood News

Senior U.S. counterterrorism officials officials have told NBC Nightly News that one of the suspects in the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks in Paris early Wednesday morning has been killed and two other

Breaking News! Terrorists Attack French Magazine Offices In Paris, At Least 11 Dead, Highlight Hollywood News

Paris police say gunmen attacked the office of a French satirical newspaper in Paris on Wednesday, killing at least 11 people and leaving at least as many more injured. CBS is reporting,

According To A Study Of Belize’s Blue Hole Scientists Believe Mayans Perished Due To Drought, Highlight Hollywood News

A report released today begins to settle a huge scientific debate, over the ancient Mayan civilization, which was well known for its monumental contributions to art, science, astronomy and architecture, was probably

Sony Hack: U.S. Authorizes Sanctions Against North Korea, Highlight Hollywood News

On Friday the  U.S. begin imposing sanctions on North Korea in retaliation for the cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.    President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Friday authorizing the sanctions. Although the