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No. Korea’s Dictator Toys With Trump And Threatens To Nuke Guam As Retaliation, Two Bullies Not Fit To Govern Any Nation

With only 24% of Trumpanzees stupid, high or racist enough to believe conman Trump, he’s looking to start a war to try to rally his base.   North Korea said on Wednesday it is considering

US Military Searches For 3 Marines In Sea After Aircraft Ditches Off Australia

Rescue teams were searching for three U.S. Marines missing after their aircraft crashed into the sea off Australia’s east coast on Saturday, the U.S. Marine Corps said.  Twenty-three other personnel aboard the

Prince Philip Attends His Last Official Royal Engagement, Retires From Public Life

And he’s now officially retired.  Britain’s Prince Philip carried out his final official royal engagement on Wednesday, August 2, after seven decades of public service.  For his final solo engagement, the 96-year-old

Putin Livid With Trump, Seizes Two U.S. Properties In Russia, Orders US State Dept. To Cut Staff In Moscow Embassy

Trump is caught now between a rock and Putin.  Congress has cut him off at the pass and he cannot do any of Putin’s bidding, which means Trump family and Kushner family

Greece And Turkey Hit By Quake, Two Dead, Sends Island Tourists Into Panic

An early morning powerful earthquake sent a building crashing down on tourists at a bar on the Greek holiday island of Kos and struck panic on the nearby shores of Turkey early

Couple Missing For 75 Years Found Under Melting Glacier

The bodies of a married couple who disappeared 75 years ago were discovered underneath a melting glacier by an employee at Les Diablerets ski resort in southern Switzerland on Thursday. The frozen

Right Wingers Celebrated Cops Killing Unarmed Blacks, Now Australian Woman’s Death Is An Outrage

My late priest’s Italian mother said it best many years ago, when we were discussing how the Vatican was apathetic about the rapes of little kids by pedophile priests. “Power corrupts, Tommy,

Putin, Russia Move To Restrict Hollywood and Foreign Movies Further

Russia has moved to introduce more box-office restrictions that are expected to hit independent movies and big Hollywood blockbusters alike.  A law has been adopted in the first reading by the State

Australian Reporter Delivers Perfect Anti-Trump Assessment, Which Goes Viral, “Friendless, Uneasy, Lonely & Awkward” (VIDEO)

Delivered in a steady, unemotional cadence foreign to American cable shoutfests, an Australian journalist’s no-less scathing assessment of incompetent and conman President Donald Trump’s G20 performance is going viral. “Donald Trump is

Trump And Putin Both Deny Ever Meeting Before, But Clearly It’s Not True, And Here’s The Proof

Firstly, you can’t start any story about Trump except to point out, he’s a liar and that has clearly been proven.  Had Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin ever met before Friday’s