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Ten Killed, Dozens Wounded In Terror Attack At Istanbul Airport, Highlight Hollywood News

Two suicide bombers opened fire before blowing themselves up at the entrance to the main international airport in Istanbul on Tuesday, killing at least 10 people and wounding many more, Turkish officials

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity Finds Even More Earth-Like Traits Than Previously Believed

With Brexit and the world in disarray right now, Isis and in the U.S. thanks to Trump, homegrown white supremacists raging, let’s dish on other-worldly thoughts for now.  NASA’s Curiosity rover has

Former Treasury Secretary Calls Brexit “Worst Political Misstep Since World War II,’ Highlight Hollywood News

I have been a fierce advocate for the European Union, because I am an Historian and know that when Europe is not united, it’s fighting. We had two World Wars in Europe

Brexit Plunges UK Pound Into The Ground, US And World Financial Markets In Freefall, Highlight Hollywood News

People who celebrated Britain’s “We want our Country back” farce, which is nothing but racism, are not celebrating today.  Americans lauded the populist racist mess that has been the centerpiece of racist

Disney Studios Chief Bob Iger Loses $4 Million In One Day, Thanks To #Brexit And Bigotry, Highlight Hollywood News

Disney CEO Bob Iger is having a rough June.  Thanks to England’s Brexit — or the Brits’ decision to exit the European Union — the global media company is currently suffering a tough

#Brexit: J.K. Rowling Wishes She Had Magic To Fix Global Disaster, UK Loses $200B, U.S. $900B In ONE DAY

Donald Trump overplayed his racist hand. Claiming people want their country back, when in reality, no one took these poor fools’ country.  But, this racist populist behavior that Rupert Murdoch, Fox News

U.S. Loses Billions Following #Brexit Vote, Including Fox, Viacom, Netflix, Disney, Highlight Hollywood News

All the while racist moron reality TV star Donald Trump is celebrating Brexit, and his “poorly educated” and equally as racist supporters and followers celebrate anything he and Vladmir Putin celebrate,  the

Entertainment Industry Around The Globe Reels In Shock Over Brexit, “Major Blow” To Film, TV Industry, Highlight Hollywood News

Racist Donald Trump and terrorist Vladimir Putin and xenophobes in the UK may be celebrating today, but it isn’t a great day for trade.  Of course Putih has his own reasons, Trump

Brexit May Cause ‘Game Of Thrones’ Exit From Northern Ireland, UK, EU Stocks Plummet On Friday

The UK vote to leave the EU may pose budget problems for the hit HBO show, which currently receives money from the EU’s European Regional Development Fund.  Titanic Studios in Belfast is

German Police Fatally Shoot Gunman In Theater Hostage Situation, Highlight Hollywood News

Police shot and killed a masked  gunman Thursday who had opened fire in a cinema and taken hostages in a small town in western Germany, according to German authorities. Initial reports in