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Theresa May Is A ‘Dead Woman Walking’, Says George Osborne

After the disaster of Brexit and the election in the US of a 1950s backward-thinking racist like Trump, young Europeans are pushing back against this brand of “conservatism,” which hopefully will sweep

Leonardo DiCaprio Teams With Mexican President, Billionaire Carlos Slim to Save Endangered Porpoise

Mexico’s president, its richest man and actor Leonardo DiCaprio signed an agreement Wednesday to try to save the critically endangered vaquita porpoise. The vaquita is native to the northern Gulf of California,

Iran Attacks: Twin Assaults On Parliament And Shrine Rock Tehran Early Morning, At Least 7 Reported Dead

Attackers raided Iran’s parliament and opened fire at the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini a few kilometers south of the capital on Wednesday morning, in near simultaneous assaults that killed up to seven

Russia scrambles jet fighter to intercept U.S. Plane Over Baltics

Russia scrambled a Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet on Tuesday to intercept a U.S. B-52 strategic bomber which it said was flying close to its border over the Baltic Sea, Russia’s Defence Ministry

US Ambassador To China Resigns In Protest Of President Trump’s Breaking #ParisAccord

It won’t be long before crooked Wall Street and the Trumpanzees realize this man is destroying the country.  Until then, only intelligent people have him figured out. Acting US ambassador to China

Brave London Mayor Calls For Cancellation of Trump State Visit

Putin’s investment in hacking and using fake bots on social media to spread disinformation to convince 60 million racists and star struck fools to support a buffoon reality TV star has certainly

British Authorities Arrest 12 In Connection With #LondonBridge Attack

Police made 12 arrests in east London on Sunday in connection with an attack on Saturday night in which seven people died and 48 were injured, London’s Metropolitan Police Service said in

Ariana Grande’s #OneLoveManchester Concert A Major Hit, “Let’s Not Be Afraid,” Marcus Mumford

Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert, a benefit for the victims and families of the May 22 terror attack after the singer’s show at Manchester Arena, was live streamed on Sunday (June

Militants Plow Van Into London Bridge Crowd, Stab Revelers, Killing Six, Injuring 30 Innocent People

Our hearts are with London tonight, meanwhile, the orange racist buffoon tried to make it about him. We need a new leader, even if it’s bigoted and homophobic Mike Pence. We need

UK Police Evacuate London Bridge, After Van And Knife Attacks In Central London, Borough Market Region #PrayersForEngland

British armed police have responded to an incident in the Borough Market area of London on Saturday as well as on nearby London Bridge, police said.  British police rushed to an incident