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Iranian Ships, Belonging To Revolutionary Guard, That Gave Trump $5M, Force US Naval Ships To Change Course

Big talking Trump said everyone was going to respect us.  But like all bullies, people decide to test you. Let’s see what the tangerine will do now.  Trump Organization recently received $5

Satao, One Of The Last ‘Giant Tusker’ Elephants, Illegally Killed In Kenya

A rare African elephant – one of the continent’s oldest and largest – died in a suspected poaching incident, a conservation group has said. Satao II, a 50-year-old so-called “giant tusker” was

#TrumpSlump, US’s 2.1 Trillion Dollar-Per-Year Tourism, 15.1 Million Related-Jobs Drastically Dropping Since Buffoon Took Office

These right wing racist morons and Trumpanzees have no clue the damage this orange-colored racist monster who is helming our nation is actually doing to it.  But they will eventually. Because Americans

World Renowned French Historian Was Illegally Detained For 10-Hours At Texas Airport By “Inexperienced Officer”

A respected historian from France was detained for 10 hours by immigration agents at a Texas airport.    Henry Rousso was arrested on Feb. 22 at George Bush Intercontinental Airport following a random

#TRAPPIST1 #NASA 7 Earth-Size Planets Identified In Orbit Around A Dwarf Star

NASA scientists are in awe Wednesday over the incredible discovery of seven Earth-like planets capable of sustaining extra-terrestrial life a mere 40 light years away.  The discovery is being hailed as a

At Least Five Dead After Small Airplane Crashes Into Melbourne, AU Shopping Center

A small chartered plane with five people aboard crashed into a shopping center shortly after takeoff from Melbourne’s Essendon airport Tuesday morning, Victoria police said.  All five people on board were killed

Scientists Claim They’ve Found A Massive Lost Continent, Which Broke Off From Australia 80 Million Years Ago

Scientists say they have identified an underwater continent two-thirds the size of Australia, and they are calling it Zealandia.  This newly proposed continent is about 1.74 million square miles in size and

Putin Challenges Trump White House, By Launching Missiles In Violation Of Reagan, Gorbachev Agreement

Will the President who allegedly have a Russian sex tape and owes hundreds of billions to the Russian mafia run banks stand up to a man he’s been nothing but giddy with

Two Nations Without Sane Leadership Headed To War? No. Korea Tests Ballistic Missile, Trump Has No Comment

Trump’s tough talk has fallen on deaf ears.  He prides the dictatorship of his boyfriend Putin, but lacks any knowledge himself in doing anything with precise follow through. “I will repeal Obamacare

Russia Considers Returning American Traitor And Russian, Chinese Spy Snowden To U.S. To ‘Curry Favor’ With Trump

Edward Snowden has fooled a lot of left wingers, who hate surveillance.  But he was selling our national secrets to China as well as Russia, as CIA insiders have told us for