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Putin And Russia Hacked A Vermont Utility, Hours After Trump And Trumpanzees Praise The Murdering Dictator

It’s disgraceful we live in a nation with a racist President-elect and a bunch of racist Trumpanzees who place more respect over a brutal murderer in Putin than they do their own

Scientists Say Radio Signals From Outer Space Could Mean Alien Life Exists

Scientists may have found proof that aliens really exist in the form of powerful radio signals, which have been detected repeatedly in the same exact location in space. Astronomy experts with the Green

Russian Authorities Investigating Alcohol Poisoning Deaths Of 77 In Siberia, 16 Remain Hospitalized

Officials and Russian investigators said on Tuesday they had opened a criminal case into a senior regional official in Siberia after at least 77 people died from drinking bath oil for alcoholic

Fake News Story Prompts Pakistan To Make Nuclear War Threat Against Israel

The next four years are going to be a test.  Trumpanzees believed everything they read about Hillary Clinton or heard on fake news channel Fox News Channel.  She was far from a

Russian Military Plane Crashes In The Black Sea, Killing All 92 Passengers, Was Heading To Syria

Not only does Putin not have a good or strong economy, but a failing and aging military fleet and infrastructure, far worse than our own.  And Putin’s insistence of invading Syria to

Melbourne, Australia Authorities Foil Christmas Day Terror Attack On Beautiful City

Australia is America’s greatest ally, truly the greatest. Authorities in the beautiful city announced a  number of arrests.  Seven people were arrested overnight at properties in Flemington, Meadow Heights and Dallas in

Leonardo DiCaprio-Produced ‘The Ivory Game’ On Netflix Follows Movement To Stop The Trade

In The Ivory Game, the Tanzania Secret Police and an underground Chinese activist are among those documented trying to bring down poachers and the ivory cartels.  “We have people that are fighting on

#BerlinChristmas Attack, 12 Dead, 48 Injured In Truck Crash

Twelve people are dead after a tractor trailer slammed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday, police said in tweets. Officials said 48 people are in the hospital, some with

Racism, White Supremacy And Anti-Semitism On The Rise In UK And EU, Michael Sheen Is ALARMED By Rise In Hatred

Donald Trump isn’t the only racist and white supremacist who has risen to power in the West.  The UK is grappling with Brexit, which was a racist decision and will actually harm the

E.T. Phone Home? Video From Peru Service Station Security Camera Reportedly Shows Alien (VIDEO)

The  latest video to come out of the country is really freaking people out on the Internet is a grainy, jumpy image on camera of what some call an alien-like creature in