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Russia To Send Navy To Venezuela To “Counter US Aggression” As A Slap In Trump’s Face

The Russian military has signed a deal that would allow it to send military ships to Venezuela, expressing support for the Latin American country. The U.S. has been critical of current Venezuelan

France Investigating Jeffrey Epstein Ties To Child Sex Ring

French prosecutors are looking into Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to the country following a request from two government ministers and a child protection NGO. The disgraced financier, who died of suspected suicide, owned

Russian Village Near Missile Explosion Ordered To Evacuate, Then Residents Told To Stay Put, Echoes Of Chernobyl?

Residents of the Russian village of Nyonoksa, which borders the site of Thursday’s nuclear-powered missile explosion,  were ordered to evacuate — and then abruptly told not to, according to a report. On

The Man Who Discovered the Titanic Is Searching For Amelia Earhart’s Missing Plane

The explorer who discovered the wreck of the Titanic in 1985 has embarked on a mission to unravel the mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart.   Dr. Robert Ballard is leading a

Man In Sydney Australia Goes On Stabbing Spree On The Street, Brave Bystanders Subdue Him, At Least 1 Killed

An armed man has been arrested in central Sydney after stabbing a woman and being detained on the street by members of the public, authorities say. A second woman has been found

Botched Russian Weapons Test Leads To Major Radiation Leak, One Of The Worst Accidents Since Chernobyl

Two days after a mysterious blast at a Russian weapons testing range caused a spike in radiation levels in nearby Severodvinsk, Russia’s nuclear energy authority Rosatom confirmed Saturday that the explosion involved

Five Killed In Russia In Missile Test Explosion

Russia’s nuclear agency said Saturday that five of its employees were killed earlier this week when a rocket engine exploded during a missile test at a military base in the far northern

Tens Of Thousands Of Russians Protest in Moscow, St. Petersburg To Advocate For Fair Elections

Well over 50,000 people rallied in central Moscow on Saturday to demand fair elections, the largest demonstration in a series of protests this summer that has rattled the Kremlin and posed the

#ClimateChange: Greenland Lost 11 Billion Tons Of Surface Ice In One Day

Greenland lost 11 billion tons of surface ice on Thursday, scientists say.   The melt is Greenland’s biggest of the summer and is equal to about 4.4 million Olympic swimming pools, CNN

NoKo Dictator Desperate For Attention From His Paramour Trump, Kim Jong Un Fires Multiple Projectiles

North Korea fired multiple unidentified projectiles early Wednesday in Asia, according to a Yonhap report, citing South Korean military officials.   The projectiles were launched from the Hodo Peninsula in South Hamgyong