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Update: At Least 119 Killed In Powerful Earthquake In Mexico, Death Toll Could Reach 1,000

A major earthquake of magnitude 7.1 struck central Mexico on Tuesday, killing at least 119 people in several states and toppling buildings in the heavily populated capital where rescuers searched frantically for survivors under

London Police Arrest A Second Man In The Latest Terrorist Train Attack

London police say a second man has been arrested in connection withthe latest train attack.    Police said Sunday that a 21-year-old man was arrested late Saturday night in Hounslow in west London.

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Takes Death plunge Into Saturn After Nearly 20 Years In Space

U.S. space agency NASA’s Cassini spacecraft ended its groundbreaking 13-year mission to Saturn on Friday with a meteor-like plunge into the ringed planet’s atmosphere, transmitting data until the final fiery moment.Cassini, the first

No. Korea Fires Another Missile Friday Morning, While This Administration Has Dismantled The US State Dept.

North Korea fired another missile over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido on Friday morning, just a day after Pyongyang said that Japan “should be sunken into the sea” with a nuclear

1,100-Year-Old Viking Sword Discovered By A Hunter In Norwegian Mountain

The incredibly well-preserved Viking sword was found by a reindeer hunter on a remote mountain in Southern Norway.  The Glacier Archaeology Program at Oppland County Council was recently notified about the sword,

His Holiness Pope Francis Condemns Climate Deniers, “History Will Judge These Leaders”

With climate change as serious as it is, anyone who voted for a climate change denier, a conman liar and criminal really doesn’t take anything seriously. Trump is a reality TV star

Netanyahu’s Jewish Son Posts Anti-Semitic Meme, Drawing Praise From US Neo-Nazis And David Duke, “You Are Our Bro!”

Americans have a love affair with hatred and obsession with religion, and the Middle East has an obsession with hatred and religion, which it has endured thousands of years of fighting and

DNA Test On Powerful Viking Male Shows Shocking History-Altering News For Historians’ Beliefs

The remains of a powerful Viking — long thought to be a man — was in fact a woman, a study released Friday reveals.  The lady war boss was buried in the

Magnitude 8.1 Earthquake Hits South Mexico, At Least Six Dead, Tsunami Possible

A massive 8.1-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of southern Mexico, toppling houses in Chiapas state, causing buildings to sway violently as far away as the country’s distant capital city and setting

Russian-Family Of Six Lived Alone In Icy Siberia For 40-Years Without Contact From The Outside World

I have always admired reclusive people who choose to be alone with nature, with animals and away from the daily drains of the news, politics and PEOPLE!  A family of six in