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Indonesian Tsunami Death Toll Spikes At 222

Pope Francis has prayed for the dead, the missing and the homeless in the tsunami that struck Indonesia.   Francis told tourists and pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday that his

Family of American College Student Who Was Tortured To Death By Trump’s “Love” Kim Jong Un Sued For $1 Billion

Our despicable clown president says he’s in love with the brutal dictator who killed an American college student. Meanwhile, racist cult members AKA: Trumpanzees are fine with that.  A wrongful death lawsuit

Tsunami Caused By Volcano Kills At Least 43, At Least 600 Injured In Indonesia

A tsunami apparently caused by the eruption of an island volcano killed at least 43 people after the waves hit the coast around Indonesia’s Sunda Strait, sending a wall of water some

Pope Francis Accepts LA Bishop’s Resignation, 13 Years After Vatican Learned He Sexually Abused Kids

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of a Los Angeles auxiliary bishop, Monsignor Alexander Salazar, following an allegation of misconduct with a minor in the 1990s, officials said Wednesday.   The Vatican

Family Of 2-Year-Old With Days To Live Begs Trump To Allow Mom To Visit US To Say Goodbye, Trump Refuses

Sacramento attorneys, faith leaders and advocates are calling on the U.S. government to let a mother say goodbye to her dying 2-year-old son.   “Time is running out,” said Ali Hassan. “Please

UK Prime Minister Theresa May To Face Vote Of No Confidence From Tory MPs

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will face a vote of confidence in her leadership later on Wednesday. Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, Mrs May said: “I will contest that vote with everything

US Priest Arrested For Raping 7-Year-Old Altar Boys In The Philippines, Accused Of Horrible Acts

Philippine immigration authorities have arrested an American Roman Catholic priest accused of sexually assaulting altar boys in a remote central town in a case one official described as “shocking and appalling.”  

CIA Has Intercepts And Concrete Proof Crown Prince Ordered Journalist’s Murder, Trump Doesn’t Care

Trump is a racist conman and desperate to keep his cash flow from the 9/11 hijackers in Saudi Arabia and Putin’s Russia flowing, since his businesses are leaking funds.   The C.I.A.

Israeli Police Seek Bribery Charges Against “Corrupt” Netanyahu

Israeli police on Sunday said they had found enough evidence for bribery and fraud charges to be brought against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife in a third corruption case against

‘Bold And Beautiful’ TV Star Princess Theodora Of Greece And Denmark Is Engaged

Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark has announced her engagement to American lawyer Matthew Kumar. Princess Theodora, who is the daughter of Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and King Constantine II of Greece,