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The premier source for hot celebrity news. Hollywood’s latest and most exciting news magazine. is run by a true entertainment industry insider. Tommy Lightfoot Garrett has written several books on celebrities; both golden era stars and today’s A-list stars, he’s been an entertainment publicist for close to 3 decades, stars come to him when they want to tell their side of the story, fans trust him, he offers unbiased and honest reviews on films such as “Breaking Dawn,” “J Edgar” and past classics such as “Gone With The Wind” and “Titanic.” Working with today’s celebrities and stars first hand, Tommy has hosted several TV shows, guest starred in reality TV, soaps and feature films. tommyonradio-1TommyLightfootGarrett-setof-HollywoodClassics
Highlight Hollywood is the site covering L.A.’s tony regions from Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Studio City, Malibu and Century City, and every community in between. Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan and others don’t dare hide anything from Highlight Hollywood, because all the stars know, Tommy has great sources within every major star’s entourage. Even studio executives dine Tommy at Spago and Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge. From Larry King to Ashton Kutcher, Tommy knows them all, and reports breaking news, as well as feature interviews of your favorite stars.

About the Author

Show business and Tommy Garrett have a mutual attraction and it’s led the Virginia-born, L.A.-based Garrett to become acclaimed as a jack of all trades in Hollywood. As a publicist and agent, he’s represented the likes of classic Hollywood stars such as Clint Walker, Tab Hunter and Ruta Lee. As an author, Garrett has penned three best-selling books on the machinations that led to the careers of some of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. As a journalist, Garrett has worked as a Hollywood correspondent for Australian radio and as Editor and Chief and entertainment industry columnist for the Canyon News newspaper in Beverly Hills. In addition, Garrett hosted a popular, nationally syndicated movie retrospective show Somewhere in Time and is currently brokering a deal to return to TV with another program, Hollywood Classics.tommy-eileen

Garrett attended the University of California Los Angeles in Westwood, where, as a budding P.R. agent, befriended the likes of Aaron Spelling and Telly Savalas. His growing contacts led him to begin representing Lisa Lord and a stable of actors from daytime soaps like ABC’s Port Charles and eventually landed a huge, enviable roster that included Walker, Hunter, Lee, Constance Towers, Glenn Ford, Anna Lee, Rex Reason, Jeffrey Byron and numerous daytime soap stars. He decided to try his hand in front of the camera in hosting and producing Somewhere in Time, which featured a format Garrett created that included the airing of a classic Hollywood movie interspersed with anecdotes and remembrances from special guests ranging from Phyllis Diller, Constance Towers, Jeffrey Byron, Beverly Garland and Peter Ford to Hugh O’Brian. The show, based out of a CBS affiliate in Charlottesville, Va. Was broadcast in several markets until Garrett closed up shop to begin a new career as a Hollywood author.

His maiden writing effort was a biography of classic screen actress Joan Fontaine, Letters From A Known Woman, and was quickly followed by a Hollywood retrospective So You Want To Be In Pictures: The tommy-tellyMaking of Hollywood Idols – the book led TV Guide columnist Michael Logan to write of Garrett: Tommy’s the hardest working man in the industry, and in every aspect of the industry. With both books selling well, Garrett quickly returned to writing his third work, The Making Of Hollywood Stars, which tweaked the second book’s format to include behind-the-scenes looks at contemporary stars such as George Clooney and Tom Cruise, in addition to Garrett’s encyclopedic profiles of classic stars such as Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor, Anthony Hopkins, Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg and even Paul Newman. Veteran celebrity journalist Roger Hitts said of the book, “Still, one never gets the sense Garrett is engaging in name-dropping to heighten his own ego as you turn the page. Reading Garrett’s books make you still get the feeling Garrett maintains that exuberance of a little boy sitting in a movie theatre with mouth agape as he marvels at the wonders taking place on the big screen. Of course, as an adult Garrett has reveled in taking a peek behind the curtain to see who is actually pulling the levers – and him letting you in on what he has learned makes his new effort a sparkler.” Recently, Garrett released his fourth book and first novel, a science fiction work called Cosmic’s Adventure.Tommyandtanna2_1__IMAGE5Game_Of_Thrones_final_painting

Garrett recently completed a pilot for a new TV show, Hollywood Classics, which featured soap opera luminary Eileen Fulton discussing her life and career from her home in New York City. Garrett’s other recent on-camera work included an appearance on Ed Begley Jr.’s HGTV reality show Living With Ed. Michael Logan of TV Guide penned upon seeing the episode on Super bowl Sunday, “Who knew a Hollywood flack could be so charming. Get this man a regular spot on this show. Every desperate Housewife needs a confidante.” In addition, he recently co-starred with longtime friend Constance Towers in a radio soap opera Podcast, Same Time, Same Number, produced by Richard Beattie and the Radio Envoy Group. Garrett is also involved in numerous charitable efforts, including the U.S.O. in Hollywood, traveling throughout war zones with celebrities to boost troop morale, speaking to children about the industry and raising chickens.

When Garrett is not in Hollywood, he’s on the east coast raising and caring for his beloved exotic chickens that come from places like Japan, Europe and India.

IMDb Mini Biography By: Roger Hitts

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